What’s Going on With Capt’s Cove 2014

captains cove after Irene 2011

After Irene part of the bulkhead collapsed on Washington Ave and in the summer of 2012 you may remember this piece of a photo journal of the repair work.

In January 2014 there was an apparent resolution that was made between the town and the owner.

According to January 15 council meeting minutes:

“Mr. Padula stated that we were at municipal court last Tuesday. There were approximately 16 code violations. Some charges were dropped. Captain’s Cove will be paying a fine of $12,000.00 to the Borough of Highlands which will be paid out of the $25,000.00 bond that he posted with the Borough a year and a half ago.That work is now complete. He is providing us with an engineer’s certification that the work is satisfactory. Upon receipt of that, we will release the $12,000.00 to the Borough and the remainder to Captain’s Cove. We also reached an agreement for the Borough to access his property and reinstall the drain into the marina and secure the building with a chain link fence. A stockade fence will be installed around the parking lot area. Most of this has to be done within 30 to 60 days. Some work will take a little longer because of weather conditions.”

Its now June 2014, well beyond the 30 – 60 days and this is what Captains Cove Looks like today:

capt cove 2014
Capt Cove 2014 Washington St Bulkhead
Capt cove 2014 cheerful view
Capt cove 2014 cheerful view


  1. I posted on your FB page but this is just shameful and to me shows how completely ineffective this town is at solving serious issues unlike our neighbor Seabright. Can Mayor Long adopt us PLEASE!!!!!!!


  2. Perhaps this property should be considered for the Green Acres / Blue Acres buzz going down around the jersey coast? Our FEMA Long Term Recovery state and federal contact managers should be in tune with those (buyback) options for municipal actions.. Highlands owns the Clam Filtration Plant … why not throw a marina in there for continued slip leases, etc. Capitalize on the waterfront … wasn’t that the no-brainer recommendation of the Rutgers Studio Masters Planning Course? Whether that’s feasible or not is another question … but it beats the code violations, litigations and neglect that exists there now (by all parties involved)..


  3. The property is for sale, and It is also public knowledge that the owner suffered a serious tragedy with the loss of his youngest daughter, so there are some personal issue that may have derailed the intentions of all parties.

    I think the solution is to find a new buyer with energy to take on this project, or find a public funding source and operate it as a green space with revenue generating boat slips. Marine Park in Red Bank is a similar example. Maybe the town can proactively pass an ordinance to allow a restaurant owner to set up picnic benches along the metal seawall or along the marine itself and sell lobsters and other seafood for take out?


  4. please! nj view … your post make me sick to my stomach!! none of this has squat to do with rosiaks daughter and to suggest it does is pathetic!! since rosiak acquired the marina 10 years ago he has turned it into a junkyard that residents have had to look at every day. those that dare to complain about it often have to face the wrath of mr. rosiak who couldnt care less about how he has destroyed the quality of life in the neighborhood! cut me a break!!!


  5. additiionally…. the following should be also said…. rosiak is not a victim here the residents are!!! the town by not enforcing the codes creates situations like this and are equally to blame for the problem. 12 grand in fines is a joke considering the entire place is one big code violation. the lot should be cleared not fenced as this was supposed to be for parking only. now residents have to fight with marina patrons and others for parking. the marina is supposed to have one parking space per slip and adequare lighting but does not. commercial fabrication which is not allowed in a residential zone goes on there all the time. rosiak harrasses and even threatens those that complain with physical violence and lawsuits!! those working for him are thugs who regularly taunt residents. the marina is operating without even a mercantile liscense!! hey council! jow bou stepping up and standing up for the residents and taxpayers and stopping this wild west mentality!!!


  6. Mr. Rosiak should be ashamed of himself! Especially having someone coming on here to post that his dead daughter is an exsuse for all the deplorable conditions that exist at his crap hole of a marina. Despicable! The fact is that he has turned the marina into a gigantic scar on the face of highlands. He turned the marina lot into a garbage disposal site, the building at the end of the street into a crack house, and virtually no one wants to keep their boat there. There is no lighting, sanitation, rest rooms, parking, and a long list of other things required by the ordinances of the town. He dares to terrorize residents adjacent to this disaster who have the right to, and have been complaining about this eye sore for a decade now. But we are supposed to get all teary eyed about his problems? Seriously? He has not only showed no concern about the destruction of the quality of life in the neigborhood but absolute contempt and emnity!!!!

    Worse yet is that the town has for years enabled this continuing disaster to exist on and on. The lack of code enforcement is ridiculous and inexcusable. The town and the council is solely to blame for allowing Mr Rosiak and the other sanford and sons that do nothing by keep the town in the dark ages and the laughing stock of the entire bayshore. When will it stop? When will the town finally close this operation down? There has been no appreciable improvement at the marina. None! So, regardless of what they claim they are doing, it obviously isnt working and isnt enough. Its another season, and business as usual for Mr. Rosiak and his so called marina and junk pile!!! And another year that local residents have to deal with this mess. Time for this to end!!!!!


  7. Just some interesting reading I did as I wanted to learn what our council and Mayor really stood for. Its sad to say but I can’t find one thing accomplished yet?

    Only thing I could find for mayor

    Quality of life-no
    Code enforcement-no
    New development-no
    Fiscal responsibility-no


    Just side note: FB and social media seems to play a big roll in election politics but not in resident communications.


    • tricia….. well said!!! concise and accurate. tackling all the areas you mentioned was promised…. but once again the promises arent being kept. capt. cove is the highlands poster child for no code enforcement!!! its amazing how silent these people are online after the elections. before they are the champions of the people!! barf!!!


  8. One solution would be to make the marina side of washington no parking and that would force him to use the lot for patrons. The most sad part about the situation is that this is a waterfront town with a marina that isn’t succeeding.The blame belongs solely to the mayor and council they do not get involved in anything they just direct others so they have a buffer between themselves and possible tough situations.Not once have I seen the mayor or any of the council except Chris on occasion at any problem area or project in town. I’m sorry they always show for ribbon cuttings like when the Mayor who was a stop the bridge guy was there to take the glory for the new bridge.But what do you expect from a get rid of the trailer park guy who operates the boro out of trailers.Time to get rid of them they don’t care its just about the title. Tricia is right name one beneficial thing they have accomplished except cater to a few select businesses.


  9. I agree with the recognition that our Council has not successfully implemented their ‘campaign promises’, nor does our town enforce and comply to the very ordinances and resolutions that are approved and adopted in Highlands. I don’t know how many times I hear their opinions on certain issues in Highlands and yet when you look up the resolution on that issue they all voted “YES” – with no comments in the minutes as to why they voted that way. But I have to ask this …. who voted them in?

    Many changes have to happen all across the board. Highlanders can start by getting to the council meetings at 7 (instead of 8) and request that the Executive session agenda be explained in detail …. and even point out that some of those agenda items do not belong in the executive session but truly belong in the public session. This will bring about more transparency and accountability… it will eliminate the consensus in a vacuum and the perception of behind the scenes interests… and hopefully bring about votes based on informed decision making vs. the Abilene Paradox. (In an Abilene paradox a group of people collectively decide on a course of action that is counter to the preferences of many of the individuals in the group.)


  10. Dear Fred,

    You haven’t done a damn thing to the Marina in years. Time to sell and move on or work to improve the marina. I understand there are many legal battles; but if this is what you want they “JUST DO IT”. I
    I will put my name on this. Saliann Deaver; Yes, I am Bucky’s sister and he and other clammer’s have helped you and you helped them through the years.
    Nothing of worth comes easy…


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