miller beach sign cubby FOUND:  Miller Lite Beer Bottle   WHERE:    MILLER BEACH

Whomever left their Beer on Miller Beach Last Night, Its still there    waiting for you on the Miller Beach Closes at Dusk Sign.



    • This is another thing becoming a disgrace seems to me the pd have abandoned their duties yea I said it. They would rather not be the bad guys its really getting sad time for a revolution if you cant clean up this town for a million dollars in labor get someone else.Definalty leadership issues this is not right abondanment of duty imo.The people of this town who go to work everday deserve better ,


    • The real sad thing is it’s now 8:40pm and that bottle is still sitting there. People will say to me, well, why don’t you throw it out? I’ll tell you why, we’ve been told to shovel snow from the streets, dig out hydrants, sweep up the sand, etc. What are we paying taxes for? How about you stop charging taxes and I’ll do all those things as well as stop the drunks from partying in the lot and driving around our town? Yeah, I thought not…


  1. It’s time to remove the sign and put a police officer in that spot, enforce the laws, and write the tickets. That’s what the residents near Miller Beach have been asking of this town for YEARS. Perhaps the lot should close when the beach closes. It is the Miller Street BEACH LOT, yes?

    If it’s a police staffing issue then FIX IT. Partner with another town for back up.

    I don’t mind paying higher taxes if we get the laws enforced. But a 9.5% tax increase to continue to put up with this bullshit is unacceptable.


  2. HIt “post” too soon…

    What happened to the WindNSea employees and neighbors that spoke at the council meeting about how they clean up the bottles and broken glass? Perhaps they can wander a block over and do some cleaning.

    Or are these being left by locals that drink at the beach because that’s what you’ve done for generations? PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES!!!!


    • NLN – thanks for this.  Right after I posted the bottle was still there on Sunday night, I got a really nasty prank call [at 8:53pm and yes I have the number that called me].  Basically saying it’s not ok to be gay – it wa sn’t said that nicely.  Not really thinking it’s a coincidence as the last time I was pranked I was in HS at that was over 30 years ago.

      It gets better – then between the hours of 10-11 two couples decide to have sex out side by our house : one in a car in  the beach lot, the other on the sand behind the BEACH CLOSES AT DUSK sign.  I think they were giving out frisky juice at the local bars last Sunday night.

      So if anyone really thinks the gumbo-t ron sigh  is an effective way to keep people from drinking and having sex on the beach/in the gazebo/ in the parking lot, I BEG you to spend a weekend around the Miller St lot to watch the going-ons .  As you can see from above, you don’t even have to stay up late.

      And whoever you are, prank until your hearts content because yes I am gay and I’m not going away so get over it.  I will not stop talking or writing about what goes on at the Miller beach lot .  I will enlist our neighbors to get some perimeter lights up so cameras will be able to record what happens at the beach and lot properly.  I am trying to help make Highlands a better place to live – what are you doing besides being a s ophomoric ass ?

      Last thing in this mini rant – yup, as of this morning [Tuesday], the gumbo-tron sign is still a cup holder for that bottle of Miller Lite from Saturday night .


  3. If that phone # can be traced to a town official, employee or a volunteer that represents the boro Carolyn, … you can file a written complaint re: harassment (reference R-14-122). Not sure what the procedures & protocols are based on R-14-122 since there are no written documents stating them …at least I couldn’t find any info about that on our town site … but I’m sure you will be informed of the obstacles (if it gets to that point).


    • Whoa – let me be 100% clear – I make NO ACCUSATION that this was done by anyone related to the town , only that it seems apparent it was done by one of the 1050+ reader’s of HB. The phone company has my complaint.


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