Wednesday’s Night’s Council Meeting

The gist of last nights council meeting consisted of the public portion discussions around Wind & Sea. You can view the public comments by clicking here and fast forwarding to the 36 min mark.

Some of the concerns were:

  • Wind n Sea being over capacity and safety issues
  • Unruly Patrons leaving the bar
  • Public Urination and vomiting on residents properties
  • Destruction of residents property (beer bottles being thrown at houses, fences being destroyed)
  • Passed out patrons on the sidewalk
  • Loitering at Miller Beach after Wind n Sea closed

Some of the voices in behalf of Wind n Sea were:

  • You live in a shore town, expect it
  • Danny Shields and Rob Higgins did a lot for the town after Sandy
  • If they are making money, let them make money
  • Picking up broken bottles isn’t a big deal
  • It was only one day
  • Don’t complain if you live near a bar

Issues with Wind N Sea aren’t new, there were similar issues in 2012 see Is Wind n Sea Dangerous

As well as last year around ClamFest See Clamfest & Saturday = Police Back up
In my opinion, instead of sending some of his employees to the meeting to speak for Wind n Sea, Mr Shields probably should have shown up acknowledged there were issues, apologized for the issues, state some of the ideas he had to fix the issues then follow through with the fixes.




13 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Night’s Council Meeting

  1. Carolyn

    What boggles the mind is when I handed the town video evidence of an hour of people not stopping at the stop sign at Miller & Shrewsbury from my CCTV camera they said they can’t look at it as it’s an on-going investigation. [see 38 minute mark]  Dude – I just handed you time and date stamped video evidence – why would you NOT use it in your investigation?  The police and officials of other cities welcome residents to work with them to solve nuisance complaints as well as crimes this way.  While I continue to shake my head – I will not give up on making Highlands a better place to live.


  2. barbara iannucci

    Carolyn, perhaps you can request to make a presentation as a member of the public at the next council meeting?. You can follow the OPMA procedures and request to be on the agenda in the Public/ regular meeting and submit the presentation documents/ video to the town clerk, or the administrator who drafts the agenda, 72 hours before the meeting so they have all your presentation materials before hand. I believe that is all covered under guidelines in OPMA for municipal governing body meetings.


  3. johnny u

    The lack of, at the very least acknowledgement of an issue was a slap in the face to all concerned on either side. When the boro attorney advised the mayor and council not to speak it clearly showed that this issue is going to be brushed aside rather than addressed. Not one of our elected officials showed any leadership by keeping silent. For goodness sake someone stand up and lead! All some of us want is relief from the disrespectful behavior of some of the patrons that leave and can’t use self control .Also, for the council to say we must apply the same restraint to other businesses is a cop out. They took on the job and not one of them has the courage to do the right thing and be the bad guy. Its not really being a bad guy if you protect the rights of your taxpayers just fyi.Did anyone hear the bartender say he goes out and cleans the bottles in the street after they close or the one resident say he sweeps up the broken glass?Its on the video, isn’t that against the law to allow patrons to leave with alcohol? Come to our businesses have a great time respect Highlands that’s all anybody wants, if not suffer some onsequence.That show by our mayor and council was a total disgrace shame on them!


    1. Rockemsockem

      To be honest, what I found most disturbing about watching last nights meeting was the discussion over some very scary and intimidating behavior by department representative of our town threatening people. The council played dumb when I’m quite sure the attorney who was aware discussed with them. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!! Immediate dismissal as no resident of this town should be threatened no matter who you are.I’m flabbergasted that the person who intercepted complaint and is closest to the that departmebt sat there and played dumb as if they did not play apart in escalating the issue instead of resolving. I can’t wait for the new developement in this town cause slowly but surely these people who think that only certain people need to play by rules will become the minority and irrelevant! As for Wind N Sea I blame council for not doing their jobs that it had to even come to this and I do hope that compromise can be accomplished so that all parties coexist peacefully in the future. Mayor ijust doesn’t seem to be aware if anything going on during his watch…,or just plain full of it, not sure whats worse?


    2. NoLonerNew

      I have confidence that something will be done by one or more of the various agencies that have been contacted about the violations and the town’s lack of enforcement.


  4. johnny u

    One more thing about miller beach, Betty and Florence should have free reign go on any time any hour they are the best. I really think these disrespectful people are ruining the our town for the people who pose no threat. We all suffer take out the bad guys don’t punish people who make our neighborhood pleasant!


    1. Carolyn

      I’m 100% with Johnny on this. Both of them love being on the beach and should be able to be on the beach whenever they want.


  5. barbara iannucci

    Thanks Rockemsockem for posting that. The threats/ harassment are recognized as a serious issue and they are addressed in a Highlands resolution – R-14-122 found on the town site. Council members sign a documented statement that they will “unequivocally enforce this resolution”. Town Administrator is responsible for writing proper procedures for everyone to follow regarding any complaint of discrimination, harassment and basic violation of civil rights. R-14-122 covers the public, town officials, employees, contractors, as well as volunteers that represent the boro. Is this just an empty shell boiler-plate of a resolution that was written with no intention for implementation or enforcement?

    And then when residents take steps to make town officials aware of serious complaints and wrong-doings you are then told you have to follow a process and follow procedures … which seems to be a convenient run-a-round stall tactic to sweep things under the carpet (after an undisclosed discussion in closed executive session). It’s time our codes, ordinances and resolutions are enforced as they are written. That simple action by our officials and departments would resolve a large percentage of the issues facing Highlands.

    I agree with Johnny U …the show has got to stop.


    1. Johnny U

      So is there zoning approval and if it gets pushed which it might cafra approval for that new bar or will this get overlooked.If it doesn’t really exist to the boro how does this benefit our tax base. Do we share his profit lets stop getting pee down our neck and being told its raining gold.The gold is lining their pockets and ruining the neighborhood.


  6. J

    We need to find a way to work with businesses that are doing well in our town because we need the tax revenue. We should work with towns like Sea Bright and Long Branch for tips on how they manage unruly bar patrons while not discouraging tourists.


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