New Restaurant Trying to Open at Clam Hut

One of the things that came out of the Council Meeting was the owners of Clam Hut was trying to re-open for summer. They wouldn’t have a full outside restaurant, but wanted to do a food truck and tiki bar, but was getting resistance from the town on serving alcohol.

You can hear his comments at the 28 min mark of the streamed meeting

He was upset that he was approved for the footprint for a liquor license, and subsequently poured a bunch of money to make the Clam Hut site to look good, and now he was receiving resistance after the fact he spent the money.

Do you want a new business where Clam Hut was?  (BTW rumor has it, the new name would be “Sand Bar”







  1. Highlands needs every business it can get. It sounds like this waterfront bar won’t be open during peak season. It’s too bad that the our council and boards won’t facilitate and instead recommend that he hire an attorney. It’s hard to fill vacancies when they flood, but it seems Highlands has a hostile attitude towards new businesses.

    What is the Highlands Business Partnership doing to expedite his opening?


    • I was at the meeting. It seems that his architect did not make walkways conform to ADA. My concerns are capacity of the restaurant and the parking lot. The lot is still filled with boats. Where will people park? Proseco’s owner stated that the impact of a 100 seats would be less than the Clam Hut which had a capacity of 200+. But did any of you ever see a customer inside the Hut which accounts for most of the seating? I loved the Clam Hut and I miss it. I emailed our mayor with these observations 2 weeks ago…. Still waiting for a response.


    • Is this town bipolar. On one hand, I hear the town looks the other way and on the other giving new businesses a hard time. People in the neighborhood of windnsea are having a hard time with noise, litter etc. Claddaugh seems to have melees every weekend usually ending in arrests. I think I understand why the board is reticent about the clam hut and believe me I very rarely agree with them. Yes we need business in the Highlands but not at the expense of people who bought homes, improved the property and pay TAXES.


    • Even with the boats (that lot is always full of boats) it’s still more parking that Wind & Sea, with a much lower capaciy. Even when packed parking was never an issue as at least 1/2 the crowd came by boat or foot.


    • It’s Planning Board, not Zoning Board (not sure why there, if anyone can help on the differences). There is some mention of the application on the Planning Board minutes from March 13 (the most current up on the site) but it sounded like there was more to it from subsequent meetings. The agenda for next week’s meeting isn’t up yet, but keep an eye out there. I’ll try to go to that meeting.

      I just don’t understand how Sea Bright can get a new restaurant into an old gas station (to mention just one of the many new businesses they have), but we have problems with any and every new business, even replacing what what once there.


  2. The bad publicity from even one business owner who is not welcomed with open arms…turns off a lot more business that will just skip ever looking at Highlands. Time to think clearly and act quickly- this was an existing business and a temporary installation of a tiki bar and food truck are not armageddon…let’s get it started before summer is gone and then spend the winter helping this owner make whatever reasonable changes are needed to comply. Someone from town gov’t has to step up to help ……not stand back and watch as the ball is fumbled yet again….


    • Seriously, a temporary permit shouldn’t be this hard. They bought the liquor license and are rebuilding, even if it is new owners. It’s a temporary, purely seasonal business wherein time is of the essence, and obviously they started working on this with the zoning board back in MARCH.

      Maybe they should try the Windansea approach and just DO it, then deal with the blowback after the fact. Seems to work well for them.


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