Tough Times don’t last Tough Highlanders do ~ If I could actually sing..

Back in 2012 she was 46…. She lived by the sea, had flood in-surance ….rationed out drywall and limited ICC

and believed.tough times don’t last ,,,but tough Highlander’s do…

Those talking heads on CNN said Jersey won’t get out of the Sandy Hole we’re in … and there is a bunch of empty houses in all our Sandy  towns..(esp UB, Highlands, & Sea Bright) This just in from Highlands “Tough Times don’t last… Tough Highlanders do..”

Tough Highlanders pull themselves by their clam boot straps..when they’ are hit hard by Sandy type hurricanes and they stay strong and they keep fighting like they don’t how to loose… Tough times don’t last… tough people do…

When you’re fighting the insurance companies… the town, RREM, and your contractors… Its alright.. pull up your bootstraps and square off.   “tough times don’t last… tough highlanders do…”

Doesn’t matter how long you lived here.. doesn’t matter you’re not on Fire Dept.. “tough Times don’t last.. Tough Highlanders do..”  – We got this..



14 thoughts on “Tough Times don’t last Tough Highlanders do ~ If I could actually sing..

    1. highlandsblog Post author

      It means you don’t have to be a member of the FD to be accepted in Highlands. It means that there are families in town that will accept you regardless of your longevity in Highlands. There are other families that do think that you have to have lived in Highlands for at least 2 generations, attended 20 years worth of council meetings and or belong to the fire department before you should have the audacity to voice your opinion. Want proof, take a look at the above comments from Cathy and Matt Kane. I regularly get crap from Lucille Kane and have been gone after by Tara Ryan’s Husband Joe.


  1. Cathy kane

    As I check this blog and highlands Facebook page sometimes I find myself getting upset. Why do I read it I don’t know. Kind of like watching stopping to watch a accident. Somehow have to watch. Tonight I starting reading a positive post. All about the the struggles and how strong people in highlands are. A good post till the end. Another shot at our towns VOLUNTEER Fire Dept. I am highly insulted and disgusted by this. My family has VOLUNTEERED for 45 years in this town. Miss many family function . Stood in the fire house during storms and mostly Sandy. Saved people. The more post I read from this divisive group the more I am less interested in what your concerns are. You may say social media wins. I say cyber bulling will never win. Nice post but you could not help yourself and end on a negative note. Try to find some happiness in your life. If that is possible.


    1. Matt

      Very we’ll said Cathy, instead of these people joining the fire dept or trying to help Highlands in its road to recovery they hide behind a computer screen and take pot shots at the very group that truly has a love for thus tiny borough and give their heart and soul to it and the residents that live here.


    2. highlandsblog Post author

      Great now I have the father coming after me too. Why don’t you become more concerned on how your daughter is going to help Highlands recovery than me saying you don’t have to have lived here for x amount of years or belong to the volunteer fire department to matter in this town.


    3. highlandsblog Post author

      You know, thank god most people in Highlands don’t think like you do. Most people in this town are really good people who don’t care if you’ve lived her 2 year or 45 years. There is also perception in town that if you question certain council members their mothers, grandmothers will come after you. (oh wait)..And as far as taking a shot at the fire dept.. how so? Because I said you don’t have to have lived here for 3 generations or be a part of the fire department to be accepted? Are you trying to say you do have to live here for 45 years and be a part of the FD to matter? Like I said most Highlanders don’t think that way even if they have been here for 50 years. If my blog bothers you so much — don’t read it..


  2. barbara iannucci

    Matt, I understand your position but I think you are failing to recognize that the very people you say are ‘hiding behind a computer’ happen to also be very involved in the recovery of Highlands. They attend Council, Zoning and Planning Board meetings. They actively moved Highlands to a non-partisan election format. They sit on several committees and were active in the FEMA Long Term recovery and the Creative Highlands sessions. Part of the necessary recovery for Highlands is recognizing the elements that have failed to revive Highlands over the past 20 years. Code of conduct, removal of conflicts of interests and code enforcement by town officials and departments has reached a zero tolerance level with residents. Residents are speaking out. That is a good thing and Highlands will benefit from that.


    1. Rockemsockem

      I have enourmous respect for firefighters and police. I have a brother in law who is FDNY and knew a few who perished on 9/11 so what they do isn’t lost on me. Having said that I do beleive there needs to be mutual respect amongst our first responders and community. I think asking struggling residents to add an 80k to budget to repair a brand new fire house that received insurance money to repair is disrespectful to residents who were just flooded out of their homes and had to work with what insurance gave them . I’m saddened that our fire department knowing what we have been through even requested those funds and our council & Mayor rubber stamped it. I also read on FB page how explicitives were used at motorist with children in a car during accident and I would hope the person who did that was reprimanded as I always looked up to police and firefighters but I wouldn’t of if saw that kind of behavior particularly as a child. The last thing I’ll say is that I was shocked and dissapointed to hear that a firefighter was at an overcapacity bar and did nothing along with their vehicle parked in blocking a fire lane. Thats just not doing the job we entrust them to do. As for Police I think they do the best they can given they are still working out of trailers which can’t be easy. Their definetly needs to be better community relations so they aren’t ticketing residents instead of unruly crowds. MUTUAL RESPECT! You don’t just get it because who you are, how long you have been here or what you do but by your professionalism and work ethics. I do commend all first responders for putting themselves in harms way I just wish there was a better understanding of the community they serve and how their actions can affect in positive or negative fashion.


  3. andrew

    I have a lot of respect for The Kane Family. We are not close friends but I have met them through the years. Rebecca Kane helped me out with a problem I had with some neighbors years ago. I thank her and her family for volunteering in the Fire Department. After Sandy there is a lot to do but just one person can’t do everything on their own. I wish The Town of Highlands the best.


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