Miller Beach Closes at Dusk

miller beach signIf you’ve been to the end of Miller Street, you have noticed the big sign taking up a few spots in the beach parking lot.


I guess they borrowed the sign in front of the old borough hall and moved it to the Miller beach parking lot as an attempt to thwart bar goers to continue their festivities on the beach.

As the song goes, “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”


  1. Hello ..I am new to the Highlands and am concerned. The other day I met a fire marshal as he was driving on my block and I asked him why there were no fire hydrants on my street. He explained that the street was private and not to be concerned ..
    Also I asked him about people parking in the fire lane around the clock and I was told that it was OK that the police turn a blind eye to this.. I don’t think he understood my concern about possible
    fires and thought maybe I wanted to park there myself.
    On another issue you brought up about noise .. My vote would go to the Honeysuckle Lodge which has parties going on until 4 am with no concern for anyone else.
    Thanks for your interesting blog..I do not wish that my email address be published


  2. So I ask the town to do something about public drunkenness at Miller Beach so they put this ridiculous sign on the beach. Now the drunks sit on the sign with their bottles of Miller Lite and I get schooled by the chief for having the audacity to bring my teenage cousins to the beach after dark to see a horseshoe crab for the first time ever. Ahhh the smell of justice in the air…


  3. it never ceases to amaze me how those voicing legitamate concern end up being the ones that get punished!! as far as blind eyes being turned… that happens a lot in this town!!!


  4. Does anyone know the # of summons (tickets) or arrests in Highlands during Memorial weekend? 2 cops? (or were there more on duty?) and the town infiltrated by how many people (600? 1000?).


  5. If nothing is being done as far as enforcement goes, let’s turn this town into NOLA of the North. We’ll turn it over to the college crowd. I can’t afford to take a loss by selling my house so I’ll rent it out to a bunch of party animals. They’ll love it here.


  6. How is closing the beach a responsible solution to this? If the drunken, marauding tourists can’t be contained, punish the law-abiding locals? Especially the ones who get involved? Yeah, that sounds like the Highlands way…

    How about trying to ENFORCE THE LAWS WE HAVE?


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