Who is the WORST bar Neighbor?

Every summer there are complaints from residents that live close to certain bars about noise, loud patrons, drunken foolishness… Who is the worst bar to live next to in the summer months?

8 thoughts on “Who is the WORST bar Neighbor?

  1. Sassy on Bay

    It is not the bar’s fault… but the people that are to immature to realize it is not cool to be an A** in the street…


    1. Rockemsockem

      I do agree with that but there needs to he compromise on both sides as we need to co-exist. I don’t want to live in snoozer town either. It’s nice to have places to go and hear live music. There has always been bars and nightlife… It’s not new. Perhaps a sit down directly with bars/ restaurant owners directly to express concerns and suggestions might help instead of a middle man?


    2. Kat

      I agree – I think there needs to be a cut off time wise, and a sit down about parking and patrons leaving acting like loud jerks as they walk down the street.


    3. NoLonerNew

      It is the bar’s fault. If they didn’t over-serve their patrons we wouldn’t have that problem. It is illegal to over serve someone visibly intoxicated. You can’t tell me someone has their shit together inside and then when they walk through the exit they are all of a sudden wasted, puking, and pissing on our town.

      I also blame the police for not writing up more violations. On the other hand, I don’t blame them for not wanting to get beat up. Again.


    4. Rockemsockem

      Some asses do gravitate to certain bars there is no doubt about it. Some of these establishments have really helped town and people when they were down after Sandy so sounds like they have a heart, It might be more powerful to hear out face to face the people who ihave quality of life issues than a council person playing both sides of coin.


  2. Angus

    Some bars attract a– es. That’s the bar. Some bars will never cutoff drunks. That’s the bar. Some bars violate noise words on the regular. That’s the bar


    1. Rockemsockem

      I’m not absolving them from being responsible establishments and respectful to community, I just think instead of being frustrated by lack of action maybe having a meeting directly with establishments and figure out a way to co-exist might be a good idea. I think most of the owners of these places are well meaning and trying to have a successful business in a town that needs it. It’s a tough balance.


    2. NoLonerNew

      If you open a restaurant with a liquor license in the middle of a residential neighborhood, what do you expect? That the residents, many of whom have been there longer than the business, would just say “Oh well, there goes my sleep”? If you can’t be successful based on your food, your service, and your beverage program, I suggest you rethink your business model.

      Chilangos is not on this list yet they’re drawing crowds even in the off season. Maybe we can get Leo to run workshops on how to be a good neighbor and how to run a successful restaurant for the HBP.

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