Operation Hope Offering Financial Advice at Bayshore Resource Center

operation HopeWhen?  Friday, May 23 from 2-5PM.

Where? Bayshore Resource Center in Highlands. Which is located at 426 Route 36 (426 Navesink Avenue) at the intersection of Route 36 and Linden Avenue. It is located in the same building as Bahr’s Real Estate.

Operation Hope, a financial literacy organization that offers banking services to the under-served, will be on-hand for Operation Hope administers Project Restore HOPE: Hurricane Sandy which provides long-term financial guidance and recovery services to small businesses, families and individuals affected by Superstorm Sandy.

Those who cannot attend are encouraged to contact Operation Hope at 732-451-2068 to speak to an associate about receiving assistance.



  1. It’s great to see help setting up shop in Highlands. I hope our residents get the assistance that’s out there.


  2. I have spoke to them already and it wasn’t very helpful. I am entitled to the ICC funds and have been preliminarily approved for the HMGP grant which is a reimbursement program unlike the RREM. I was calling around looking for programs to help with the upfront funds that I don’t have and was referred to them by the MCLTRG. They suggested I call a group of peer to peer lenders. I went to their web site and basically it is legal loan sharking rates between 20-29%. That’s ridiculous for something that is guaranteed for them reimbursement. but being a govt. program who knows how fast the payments would come back.


  3. The Affordable Housing Alliance is launching a new Housing Recovery Resource Center and they are holding an event in Union Beach on 5/29 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Memorial School. I don’t know much beyond that but you can call 732-389-2958 for more info. Also, SHRAP money is still available. Just got an email about this so I am sharing in the hope it helps someone!


    • Renewjersey will have second round of funding will that become available for RREM early this summer and they are really are trying to fund every single person that applied. The program now reimburses you for all costs( hid standards) prior to your application date so if you can hold off on any repairs it would be prudent to do so. Also if you have SBA’s and can hold off, would close as will decrease your award money from state. Having said that I know people want to get home and personal choice to wait and see. Hopefully what they say will truly happen.


  4. The Bayshore Resource Center is a 501c3 non-profit. We in no way make referrals to “loan sharks” or any other unscrupulous agencies. We are completely not-for-profit and exist solely for the people.

    Gonzo: I am sincerely sorry we were not helpful; the staff at the BRC is having trouble locating the referral you referenced. Please email me directly at benhaygood@gmail.com and I will clarify or rectify any issues. But, to be clear, we will ONLY refer to reputable agencies, organizations, and programs. I have been doing Disaster Case Management and ReConstruction Project Management here in Monmouth County since one week after the storm and I take great pride in the agencies I collaborate with – please let me know more information regarding the referral; as stated, I never would or will refer to a Loan Shark or ANY organization that I do not feel is in the very best interest of the individual or household. I am here to serve the people. Period.

    Further clarification on the entire “Sequence of Delivery,” and thanks to Rockemsockem and Seven Stars (above) for continuing to spread information to the people that need clarity – that is the entire reason the Bayshore Resource Center opened: to layout the entire landscape of aid – Insurance, FEMA, State grants, and Local Resources that are available to Sandy survivors, then identify the “gap” that exists between where they are and need to be, and then, Collaboratively, solve the Project as a Community. Come see us and every option available to the Homeowner, Renter, or Individual/Household looking for information, assistance, or someone to walk through this very ambiguous and overwhelming process with them.

    1. SHRAP (up to $15k) is available for our county until June 30 – you can get info at the BRC or apply at the new Affordable Housing Alliance “Housing Recovery Resource Center” referenced above that will be opening soon in Atlantic Highlands (Individuals/Households can only apply for SHRAP w/ certain orgs: AHA, MC Social Services, Middletown Social Services, NovaDebt, CARC, and you can also apply at other county’s Social Services (the backup at MC is long)).
    2. There are numerous other opportunities for assistance for the Sandy survivor (hence our “Solutions Sequence” here at 426 Highway 36 that lays out everything that is available and who is eligible and how to apply) including MIAP, local grants for each municipality, grants from Salvation Army, assistance from the SRB help center, the RAINE foundation,and many many more. I truly believe that there are enough resources in zone to bring everyone affected back to their new normal. It’s just a matter of finding the correct solution and then collaboratively and efficiently (key) filling the gap with the many wonderful agencies currently working tirelessly for the survivors.
    3. Reimbursement is available for RREM (pathways A and B), but, as stated, only for work done before application. We have all 3 pathways clearly delineated for clarity at the BRC.
    4. While I truly believe they are trying to fund everyone on the RREM wait list (n=6307), and the (outgoing) HUD Secretary has stated that they will do so, I believe (and think it is currently the prevailing wisdom) that everyone on the list will not be funded. It is our current OPINION that if you are in the bottom 2k (rough number and subject to many other variables…..and FYI, ReNew Jersey Stronger (aka DCA) will provide you with your location on the wait list if you don’t know (within 250-500 block)) you should actively consider all other alternatives for Rebuilding and then make an informed decision relevant to your specific, unique case. The best decision for you – we at the BRC can assist you with that. It is our mission. Additionally, the info above about SBA being deducted from your grant award is correct and applies to all aid and assistance received – volunteer help, other monies received, etc – none of this aid/assistance will disqualify you or make you ineligible for programs, but the value will be backed out of your award.

    Please come see us or contact us for further information or assistance. We exist to serve you.


    Ben Haygood
    Director, Bayshore Resource Center


    • Ben,

      I didn’t say what my experience was to get someone in trouble. The person I spoke to sent me an email about a contractor that may finance the project if I was willing to use someone other than who I was planning. That person then mentioned to me to look at website for the peer to peer lending. It was not in the email that was sent to me.

      Again for my needs your organization couldn’t help me but I did see good things that could benefit others.



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