13 thoughts on “And the winners are…

  1. duncan mcleod

    to chris francy….. naaaa…naaaa…naaa..naaaa…..hey…hey….hey……goodbye!! 🙂 1 down…4 to go!!!


    1. Seven Stars

      641? Is that people who voted for Mr. Card or Ms. Kane? I was curious as to the turnout and how many votes the six got.


    2. Carolyn

      Nope – that is the number of votes cast – you could vote for 2, most did, but some only voted for one.



  2. NoLonerNew

    Let me know if my math is wrong.

    If 641 people voted for two you would expect 1,282 votes cast however only 1,175 votes were cast. The difference is 107. That’s almost 17% (107/641) that cast only one vote which seems like a lot. But when you look at the difference between Kane and Urbanski (89 votes), it doesn’t seem likely that their second vote would have made a difference unless they all voted for Johnny U.

    But maybe it would have. So going forward, remember that EVERY vote counts.

    I wonder how many of those 107 chose to only vote for 1 vs. didn’t know they could vote for 2.


    1. Carolyn

      But we have always voted for 2. I don’t think people were unaware, I believe they were trying skew by voting for just one.


    2. highlandsblog Post author

      The other possibility is that they didn’t like their other choices. Do we know if there were in any write in votes? People could have put their cat in as a 2nd choice.


    3. NoLonerNew

      I think there were 4 write in votes.

      Since we were told that the non-partisan ballot referendum to move the election back to November was “too confusing,” it leads me to think that because all the candidates were on one line, and not two, that people were confused and only voted for one. 🙂


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