2 New Candidates for Highlands Council

May Elections Just got MORE interesting..

Two New Candidates emerge on Election Day Eve..  (as seen on Waterwitch & Bay)







Rumor has it they are both renters and are anti-homeowner.  If you are all about renters write their names in.


  1. Some renters, including mine, are great! What’s the difference in a renter vs homeowner agenda to improve the town.. I was not aware of any divergence in positions ?

    As for those candidates… I wish I got to meet them sooner~especially since it may only take a relatively small handful of votes to get in the government


    • When did Highlanders lose their sense of humor? Lighten up. Some people’s real name happens to be Sambo and Gay. And if you mean the other, well, I’m gay and I did not find it offensive. Regardless, someone swiped both signs overnight.


  2. How sad and embarrassing for this town. Go ahead and trot out the standard “it’s a joke!” defense, but that does not erase the fact that putting up these signs was a low class, bush league move. Come on, Highlands, you’re better than this.


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