Rutgers Presenting their Findings for Highlands

bay ave future 2Remember the survey you might have taken in February of this year?

Well the Rutgers group conducting the survey and study are presenting their findings to Highlands in a town hall meeting next wednesday May 14 at the gym at OLPH.

What time: 7:30 PM



    • It also doesn’t show curbs or storm sewers. So talk about a bathtub effect. Yikes. Then you see pavers for the road. When the town proposed putting them in the first place at the corners to “pretty up the place” I laughed and asked where the priorities were? It should have been fix the sewer tidal flooding and then just do a nice paving job. but of course no one listened and put lipstick on the pig. Where are most of the potholes on Bay ave? At the corners where the pavers are!


  1. I just read the Rutgers syllabus for the class that did our study for this May 14th meeting. Interesting stuff about the Background of Highlands, the flood issues and obstacles etc. etc. One sentence blew me away ….
    “The entire downtown area was declared an “area in need of rehabilitation” years ago, but the Borough has never used the tools available through the NJ Redevelopment Law”. (p.5)

    REALLY???? Who’s on first, What’s on second, I Don’t Know’s on third …. unbelievable.
    You can find it on Highlands town site … Public Notices … 2014 …. down near the end is the Education – Rutgers Highlands Education Studio Syllabus Spring 2014.


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