What is Highlands Spending Money on?

moneyIn this morning’s APP.com article “Federal worker bonuses cut in half, new figures show” it stated that the Federal Workers bonuses “dropping nearly 50 percent as a result of draconian budget cuts tied to a partial government shutdown and recent caps on employee awards.”

Which, when you are in financial straights, it makes sense you cut things.

It also went on to state the highest paid Federal employee in NJ is medical officer, Veterans Health Administration who is paid  $330,843.  Which totally got me thinking of our newly appointed CFO Patrick Deblasio, you know the one they couldn’t advertise his job and just hired him on the recommendation of retiring CFO Stephen Pfeffer.

In case you forgot this is what he got paid in 2012: (from USA Today):

$126,896, Carteret borough chief financial officer
$8,000, Carteret schools treasurer of school monies
$29,774, Highlands tax collector
$39,996, Keansburg chief financial officer
$39,940, North Plainfield chief financial officer

So that means in  2012, DeBlasio’s annual compensation totaled $244,606, more than Gov. Chris Christie or state Treasurer Andrew P. Sidamon-Eristoff, who earn $175,000 and $141,000, respectively.

In the new 2014 budget Financial Administration Salaries & wages = $121,175, to be fair a portion may be to pay for the part time purchasing agent and finance clerk, who salaries were approx $20,000 and $10,000 respectively. (Numbers may not be actual, I remember them saying the total was approximately $30k for both salaries.)

Pfeffer in 2013 was paid $117,850 had one other job and no assistants.

Deblasio is to be paid in 2014 $121,175, plus $58,000 for Tax Collector just from Highlands AND has 4 other known jobs.

I typed this before and I’ll type it again, lack of attention can cost the town of Highlands.




  1. You have to go to Highlands Boron website for that one … On Boron home page Click on logo for “Budgets & Audits” …. then top line item on next page is the 2014 Budget. (It’s a large PDF). Unfortunately you need to go down to the trailer/Town Hall to personally be able to find out everything captured under the “Other” categories (for a clearer understanding of where the tax revenues are going). There is also a summary under the Council page for R-14-120.


  2. Uh… the borough workers and police dept. Are all friends and or family of council members. The fire dept. Gets whatever it wants and has over $750,000 in the bank. You do the math!!!


  3. Amen. You’d think we could get someone else to collect the taxes. Will Mr DiBlasio also be riding on the trash truck in the morning??


    • With the financial disaster that is abiut to eat this town looming… what makes you believe there will be garbage collection????


  4. I’m haunted by De blazio and the new fire truck as I drive to my 2nd job (nights) so I can pay my friggin property taxes. If they go up again we’re outa here!


  5. It looks like everyone who works for the town is getting a raise. Why the hell is that happening? Just so they can get a increased cost of living raise? So the people of the town will have their taxes raised to accommodate them. They do not deserve a raise, they have done nothing to make the town better. There should be freezes on salaries and probably reductions in salary. If they dont like it, they can vacate the position. All positions should then be opened for the public to apply and all suitable candidates interviewed. The experience requirements for these jobs would be minimum as these people do nothing. And I mean all of them, police, boro administrators and council, finance and especially code enforcement. When these people start to do their functions and serve the community of highlands, as they are elected and appointed to do, and they have the town moving on a prosperous path, then they can discuss raises.


  6. His full time job is with Carteret. I can’t believe they think he can handle all of these other jobs in his off hours. I’d be suspicious that he’s on the Carteret clock while handling other responsibilities. Luckily I don’t live in Carteret.

    I do live in Highlands and I’d like to believe what the council tells us: that the cost of De Blasio and his assistant are less than what Pfeffer cost us. I also would like to believe that De Blasio does have the free time to commit to town. I’d like to believe but the council lost my trust when they failed to post the open position.


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