New Army CORE Meeting Tues 5/6

acoeThe Borough of Highlands will be hosting a meeting with the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Tuesday, May 6th at 7:00 pm at the Highlands Elementary School.

This meeting is open to the public and will include all Project Areas / Units.

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  1. I posted this on fb but I feel it is necessary for everyone to understand where the ACE project is at. There are so many layers in this process. ACE has federal funding to undertake this phase of FEASABILTY. They are performing due diligence and trying to collect enough public comment with Q&A’s at these meetings to define the design options and potential costs – just to document if they still meet the formula required for their cost/benefit ratio. Once that is clarified and if it passes that litmus test this project then gets handed off. The federal funding after that for the project & possible construction to continue will involve another layer – which at this point is unknown.

    It was also stated at the April 29th meeting for commercial owners that 9% of the total cost falls onto the town. There is a 65/35 funding formula with 65% federal and 35% non-federal. It sounded like a 9% minimum is expected from the town for construction and installation of total cost (which is projected at 55 million). ACE did say that we must get our Congressman involved on a federal level to reduce our costs, and that is a tough battle. Real estate acquisitions for easements and providing waterfront access to private owners have yet to be calculated. The ACE team also admitted that they did not realize the amount of privately owned property in their first broad stroke assessment. Also not defined is the maintenance contract and program that Highlands in part will be financially responsible for.


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