Wanted: Highlands Residents for Planning Board & Web Site Committee

wanted Wanted:  Planning Board Member & Web Site Committee Members. Any interested residents can fill out a resident ‘Citizen Leadership form

Planning Board meets 1 x a month on Thursdays.

Web Site Committee members will meet 1 x a month date TBD.

If anyone wonders *why* we might need a web site committee, for  one reason  just look at this:

web site



  1. well then id consider that website pretty solid then, considering its FREE… lol… #JustSaying


  2. I have gone to other town websites looking for language on general ordinances …. and our town site does offer more information than most in that regard. It’s just hard to find it. And the links, as we know, are broken with many errors. Right now meeting agendas and the supporting packets of ordinance printouts are available the day or night of … not giving residents enough time to review, absorb and provide productive public comment.

    It seems to me that a ‘social media’ page could be added to our current site that includes the ability to post these details for public comment – way before the actual voting occurs on adopted ordinances. Social media and blogs (which are free) have productively filled this gap for Highlanders – so why not utilize these available web tools on our site?

    The council could actually do “polls” and ask for informed input before adopting ordinances. That way even if residents do not attend the meetings the Council can better fulfill its responsibility of representing the public’s viewpoint. Right now it’s only the peanut gallery offering comments on record that represent the public’s interests. Links to the live you tube videos of meetings – which are already done by a resident volunteer – could be added to the page.

    A web committee of the right people would improve our borough communication tremendously by updating the technology on our current site and placing it on a new page.This would be a great tool for all board meetings as well – especially with the Master Plan, the Rutgers Studies, the ACE meetings and the critical discussions on the table right now.


  3. Fantastic idea! Only interactive and timely info sources we have now with town are The Highlands Blog and FB. A promising attempt was made a few weeks ago with a small newsletter but why not use our existing social media sites?


    • The volunteers are to direct what the web site would look like and how it would function. I don’t think you’re expected to actually create the new site.


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