1. it was totally stupid for the people who champion the nonpartisan initiative not to run more candidates. with the exception of Doug card all we have on the ballot is the same old recycled idiots! 😦


    • I really don’t get why its so *hard* to understand, the non-partisan initiative was to bring non-partisanship to Highlands, Period. It wasn’t because we had some super secret, ulterior agenda. And by the way, *WE* are not running Doug Card, Doug Card is NOT a Highlands United member. Some of us individually back him but that’s it. I find it an embarrassment that certain Highlands residents pretend to be *confused* over this. We wanted to break the the good ole boy process and open the doors. We succeeded. What have you guys succeeded at in the town, besides being passive aggressive asshats and batshit crazy?

      And for those who say, why aren’t you doing more, I say to you why aren’t you doing more?

      *Personal Rant* I’m tired of those pot calling the kettle black, hypocrites, who want to act like juvenile 12 year olds. Get over yourselves.

      Disclaimer: This rant isn’t geared to the majority of posters here. There are a handful that I wish would either get a script for Xanax, grow up, or just take your middle school flaming and go post on ahherald.com.


    • Wow! Sorry for stating an opinion. But while we are being so honest…..what good were all the non partisan efforts when the same jerks are running? How does this break up the good ole boy system? Huh? Why didn’t some of the non partisan folks have the balls to run???


    • I feel compelled to respond.

      The fact that so many people are confused about the non-partisan initiative and Doug Card’s candidacy is a reflection, in part, of what Doug Card has been saying. He is billing himself as the non-partisan candidate. You have repeatedly said that Doug is not a Highlands United candidate. Given that many people are confused maybe it isn’t indicative of some collective stupidity. The message is getting mixed.

      Your frustration about people saying you should do more, should have run more candidates, should be doing things differently must certainly mirror the frustrations that the Council members feel after volunteering countless hours, only to have to endure constant critiques from the peanut gallery and to have their actions demeaned with an unjustifiably “broad brush” [I find it funny for me to be in a position of defending Council members since I have been a harsh critic of certain policies, omissions, and procedures which have adversely impacted me and the town but I am not on board with throwing the baby out with the bath water].

      I think there is a pattern here. You first spend months belittling and demeaning members of the Council, now the voters of Highlands are stupid for not being able to readily discern distance between your organization and a candidate who bills himself as “The Non-Partisan …”, and lastly you attack people whose comments you disagree or dislike.

      I find it particularly ironic that you flame people whose comments you disagree with or dislike as “passive aggressive asshats and batshit crazy”. Way to go non-flamer! Isn’t it passive aggressive to call these people out and demean them when {if it really bothered you so much} you could just delete the comments or bar the individuals? Maybe you should just block ALL of the people whom you dislike in a less drama-filled passive aggressive fashion. Clearly you are enjoying the role of being the non-flaming flamer but hey, it is your site and your game …. enjoy ….


    • praying mantis – for the factual record …. Doug Card’s tagline on the ballot is ‘Non-Partisan’ … and not ‘THE Non-Partisan’ as stated. Very big difference, so please stick with the facts.

      What is unfortunate here in Highlands re: this May 13th election is that to date I have heard only 2 campaign themes. Doug Card’s public announcements are one …. and the other is the posting by three residents attacking Doug Card and twisting words every chance they get. Four other candidates remain silent and have not publicly spoken, and Rebecca Kane announced a website and phone number on a fb post.

      It may be a more productive use of everyone’s time if you post a POSITIVE campaign for the candidate of YOUR choice. I am sure Highlands voters would appreciate that.


    • I am sorry to see this blog go the way so many other boards on the Internet go. Believe me, I feel the frustration about how things have been post-Sandy. But I think if anyone (of any political mindset) wants to utilize social media to persuade others around to their POV, it would be better to keep it cool so nothing you say comes back to bite you. After all, the saying goes that you catch more flies with honey. A good argument is surely stronger than an insult.


    • Well what I have noticed is anyone who attempts to challenge the status gets attacked. If you don’t stand up and fight you will get stifled which is exactly the purpose of such attacks. How long do you say silent and take it? Hence comments above. Certain groups or individuals are not happy that they are being challenged and may have to really work for their candidacy not only this election but all future elections. Non Partisan elections just means not 2 party system so any person who runs is a Non Partisan candidate now in theory.


  2. It will take consecutive elections to break up that system don’t you think? Maybe…. if new blood does get in …. it will open the door for others to commit and run next time around …. knowing it’s not the same political BS. God knows we have enough involved and active residents who really care about this town. If it wasn’t for that fact we wouldn’t be holding elections this May. II just hope Highlanders show up and vote.


  3. I already see a huge difference. We’ve got six candidates instead of the standard 4 or occasional 5. These candidates are not paired by party so the sheeple can’t blindly vote the party line. They actually have to know the names of the candidates they want to vote for. Maybe a few more people will actually learn who wants what for the town.

    If a team of people could sit on one council seat, I’d run with a team. But I am only one person with more than one job and right now too many irons in the fire. If I ran, and won, I’d be no better than Frank Nolan who “doesn’t have time for the finance committee.” I’d be doing a disservice to the town.

    Maybe back in the day being a councilman was a part time commitment but this town has changed drastically since August 2011. There are many problems and the responsibilities are seemingly endless. IMO, the council positions demand time and attention at almost a full-time level. Maybe someday you’ll be lucky enough to vote me in. 😉


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