What Should Highlands Recovery Priorities Be?

Putting the Humpty Dumpty of Highlands back together again, has proven to be financially straining, extremely prolonged and emotionally draining.

We have 2 seats open in the May elections, what do you think Highlands priorities should be?

5 thoughts on “What Should Highlands Recovery Priorities Be?

  1. Lisa

    Little boroughs like this should band together with bigger towns and HELP each other. Do you really need someone to tell you this? I have seen nothing but fighting and financial woes and worries. Too many stories not enough actions taken. We should think of kids and how they are effected by this and get their way of looking at things.


  2. NoLongerNew

    We have no parking in the downtown area and someone wants to INCREASE density? Haven’t they read the the reports that residential ratables are usually a drain on a town? We need more destination businesses in town other than restaurants. What we don’t need is more density. If I wanted to live in an overcrowded city I never would have moved to Highlands.


  3. barbara iannucci

    Unfortunately our density is controlled by the lot sizes in our residential section, and by the many condominiums in our town. It is what it is. Parking will be alleviated somewhat with the increasing number of elevated homes having parking underneath.


    1. NoLongerNew

      That is with the current zoning. A new Master Plan could change that and there are areas downtown that already have a larger lot size, for example Doris & Ed’s, the Clam Hut, and property now owned by Owen Construction. I don’t know what the future is for those properties but if the MP allows for higher density the developers would be silly not to go that route.

      The town needs to be vigilant and involved in this process. I support change but I will NOT sit idly by while a small group of people try to turn us into a city, chasing residential ratables when that’s never been the answer the town needs.


  4. prayingmantis

    Doris and Ed’s already has pretty high density_ 12 units per acre I think. mixed use. . many people put redevelopment as their priority. What does that mean to people Highlands is very density populated for a town this size. Are people advocating high rises or density like concentrations in certain areas ?


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