Who’s Running in the May Highlands Elections?

voteIts “NOW” final we have candidates for the upcoming May elections for 2 council seats. (ah-hem)

The following people are running:

Chris Francy

Doug Card

Larry Colby

Ricky O’Neil

Rebecca Kane

John Urbanski 

Pick 2 Candidates:


  1. So is rick the only person running formerly known as GOP? Interesting

    I vote for johnny and Becky but any member who will commit to changing the sewer tax to be consumption based will change it. I also could vote Doug based on the new blood theory.

    Also for what its worth I would be happy with any of the above slate….

    Is the list of candidates set and closed?


  2. Omg!! Urbanski again?? The guy doesn’t even have a normal iq!! And oneil as usual is in it for himself and to be a big shot! People like these are the best the town can do? Seriously??? Barf!!!


    • Easy there!!!!! Their family members read this stuff…. I’m sure some ppl aren’t big fans of u!!!!


  3. At last nights zoning meeting someone who lives on bayside ave went on the record saying how he support’s the bollerman project at paradise point. This endorsement came after we voiced some of our concerns about the storm and sewer drainage issues. Let me make it clear, we also support development. We don’t have the luxury of living above this project. We will be living below it! We will be directly affected by any mistakes made in the planning stage. Timing is everything in life! Next time hold your ” your butt kissing comments for a more appropriate time” Don Ryan


    • Don, what are the storm and sewer drainage issues in that part of town? Because I was oblivious to it, and I thought people in that area had better drainage than say the captain’s cove area or miller/bay areas.


    • I think probably and could be wrong but Bollermanproject the land will be filled to higher grade so will water settle in lower areas.


    • Compared to other areas in the Highlands it’s not so bad. Our concern is by raising bollerman’s property, the rain water will have no where to go. If there’s a high tide and we get a heavy rain the water may get trapped. The storm drain is on our corner. We would like to raise our home and put a garage underneath.it would be a nightmare if every time it rained heavy we would flood. Water leaches out of the mountain behind our homes 24/7 and flows like a river down willow st. During the rainy season. If they get this wrong were will this leave us? Don Ryan ….a low lander in the highlands.


  4. Oh yes, it IS A NIGHTMARE to be FLOODED EVERYTIME IT RAINS and the STORMDRAIN BACKS UP!! Gee, I thought that was just the normal way of life around here….


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