Guess what Month it is? Bring out your JUNK

bulk dayMarch = Bulk pick up in Highlands

Zone 1:    First Friday in March

Zone 2:    Second Friday in March

Zone 3:    Third Friday in March

Zone 4:    Fourth Friday in March

To see map CLICK HERE

Some Reminders:

Bulk items can equal 4 large items OR 4 cans

No Construction or vehicle parts

Bulk items should NOT be placed at the street until the day BEFORE pick up.



  1. Your efforts to make important information available to residents is commended. Thank you again for making the hidden and rumored available and transparent to all.


    • It’s been this way as long as I’ve lived in town. They just don’t advertise it on the front page of the town website because the focus is on business not on residents.
      Just don’t put anything out mid morning, it seems they like to be done before 10.


  2. I’m in zone 1 and Tim Hill’s comment at the council meeting about how the weeks fall this month threw me off. I thought I had missed it. I think all these meetings are frying my brain. Luckily I got my crap out to the curb this morning.


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