Highlands Awarded 1.5 million

bay aveHighlands was one of four towns that was awarded monies to assist with the recovery of their downtown areas after Sandy.

The grants are for replacement of old and cracked sidewalks and curbs, installation of pedestrian-scale street lights, bike racks, benches and trash receptacles to support the community.


  1. That’s good news I hope it’s used wisely.The streets need serious help as they are cracked and seem to be sinking probably from stagnate water seeping into large cracks. They should be designed so flood water head towards drains. I hope this is considered along with sidewalks.


  2. That’s great news! Do you know if Highlands Boro was awarded this grant … or was it granted to the Highlands Business Partnership / BID ? It will be good to hear what new projects these funds will be allocated for …. or if they are to be used as reimbursement for some of the projects we have already bonded for?


    • its unclear if this is awarded in the check is in the bank or the check is in the mail. It is supposed to go to the municipality, hence the other ones i.e. keansburg, asbury park. I’m not aware of a current project that we are bonded for that falls under the scope. Good question for the next council meeting though.


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