Raising Your Highlands House

Highlands House RaisingAbout a year ago I polled Highlander’s on their status of raising their Highlands Homes. Here are the results:

Out of 52 people, 38 were either waiting or *not* raising their homes, 11 were in some sort of raising process.

I wanted to poll people again to see where they were in 2014..


  1. Sorry folks I have an unrelated question. Is it legal to dump snow into the Shrewsbury River? If not, someone with the authority should remind those removing snow from the SeaStreak parking lot.


  2. Does anyone know ANYONE in Highlands (or anywhere else for that matter) who has actually received a Hazard Mitigation Grant (30K) or the RREEM Grant (150K)??? I would be interested to see if anyone has really received monies. And maybe this would be incentive for us to join forces and voice this injustice as a group. Christie’s under heat lately and a whole town raising their voice has a chance to be heard. Just a thought..


  3. I am still waiting from the program from Irene the Town is running. As far as i know they have the money for it but it is 2 1/2 years from Irene and more then a year since i have heard anything. Any time i ask i’m told in about two weeks or so you should hear some thing. If i could get a half way decent price i would probably sell. The grant goes with the house.


  4. @BayAveBabs, I am on the waiting list for the RREM and received notice that I am being considered for the HMG. Unfortunately, my architect is dragging his feet so I don’t have all the paperwork to send in yet for phase two of the application process.

    I did find out something alarming about the SHRAP grants yesterday, for anyone who is considering applying or has applied. Payments for mortgages are going out 6-7 weeks past due. Depending on your bank, they may move you into default status for a missed payment (I know my bank would). If you are in default status, you are disqualified from HMG. I had to drop out of SHRAP as a result. It’s really strange that taking one grant would have knocked me out if another program, but I was told that’s just how it is. Also, with SHRAP, you have to re-apply every month in person. That wasn’t made clear to me at my initial meeting. The good news is that SHRAP just got new funding, so if you want to apply, now is a great time to do so!


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