What to do for a Broken Street Light in Highlands

broken street light With less people still living in their homes, the darkness of the side streets is a concern for residents.

If you have a broken street light who do you call?  The borough? Actually no.

You can call JCP&L 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) or go directly to their web site and report it.

They’ll ask you to describe the problem, Light won’t go on at Night, Light won’t go off during the day etc, describe the locations, give a little more information and hit next, they’ll send someone out to fix it.



  1. This happened to me last year after the storm. It’s ABSURD that the town doesn’t call these in!!!
    Remember that when you call you have to give them the NUMBER off the pole — so trug out w your pencil & paper to write down the numbers off the pole before you call.
    I cant believe that we actually pay taxes in this town for the Non-Services that we receive!!!


    • I think the town has enough to do and not every employee lives in Highlands so they might not be in town after dark. How are they supposed to see that a street light is out at 3:00 in the afternoon? They have enough on their plate, now they’re expected to walk the town every single night looking for street lights that are out?

      I’m the first to criticize the town leaders but they can’t be all places at all times. What’s the big deal to write down a number and call or go on-line? Why is it so difficult to do something so small that could make a big difference on a block?

      By the time you get the street light location, call the town, get the right person on the phone and make the report you could have just reported it to JCP&L and not wasted borough time.


    • I would think that a town that’s been around as long as Highlands would have the listing of the poles with the numbers and that the town municipal office would relay calls from residents to the utility.
      This is the first town that I’ve lived in where I have to go out and find the correct number off a pole in order to report an outage. At the very least – someone should have known who to refer me to when I first called. I would expect the town clerk to thank me for reporting and then handle it. I don’t really care where the town employee lives. They are employed to provide a service — . Calling it in one day later isn’t the issue. It’s the Highlands attitude of ‘pass the buck’ and a lack of caring on municipal employees part that they don’t see this as a municipal responisibility. If they are really so overworked in the office, then get one of the many police officers to call these in– as it really is a safety issue. –AND DON’T tell me that the police in this town are overworked!


    • Wow. Yes this town is great at pass the buck, but this is not the issue to harp on.

      I’d rather see them spending their time figuring out how keep the hills free of snow and do a better job of plowing the rest of the town than to be bothered with something the citizens can handle.

      And when they’re done dealing with the snow and the cars sliding down the hill they can go back to figuring out how they’re going to pay for all the necessary infrastructure repairs (flood control, storm water control, fix town hall, etc.)

      You come across very entitled on this topic. With neighbors like you it’s surprising our taxes aren’t higher than they are.


    • IMO, I think BAB is just stressed from living on Bay Ave. When the “big stuff” gets passed on, and you ask for something “small” like street light help, and you still get schluffed off, you could get a little testy. Especially after the last year plus. – I could be wrong on that, but just my take.


    • Ok, I can see that. But on the flip side when the residents can take care of small stuff but they refuse to it makes me question if they really care about making the town better.

      I’ll find Babs off line and give her my number. I’ll filed all the street light outages for her. 🙂


    • They do tend to pass buck on everything big & small and you ask yourself “What the hell are they actually capable of doing?” I know bigger fish to fry but I totally get it!


    • Not entitled. But I do expect municipal services for my tax dollar. (as it is I’m paying sewer bills for a sewer that’s not ‘sewer-ing’)
      Again, this is the FIRST town that I’ve ever lived in where this responsibility was passed on to the residents.


    • If it wasn’t something the residents could and should handle, then why is it so easy for us to report it to JCP&L?


  2. I’ve heard the police are also supposed to call them in but the town pays no matter if they are on or not. JCPL charges a flat fee per pole, per month, I think it is $50 a pole each month….

    Street lights don’t always make it safer- they often just add glare and cast shadows, which can decreases property values,and sometimes make it harder to see criminals, too (not that I think Highlands is overrun with burglars on foot)…..

    A few years ago, I got one light turned off, right above my property line, so at least I can sit on the porch there and enjoy the not-so dark sky a little more. Over-lighting can be an issue, too- If some lights were turned off in some areas, the night ambience might be a little nicer and we’d also save some tax $$.


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