Captains Cove Resolution?

captain cove marina Captain Cove Marina which is between Washington & Huddy Avenues in Highlands has been in some contention since before Irene. During Irene part of the Washington side Marina collapsed.

At the last council meeting, it was stated that the owner had agreed to pay $12k in fines for various code violations, give access to the property to reinstate the sewer which has none functional since Irene, put a stockade fence in by the parking area on Cheerful and Washington, and do something with the little blue house that is on the mouth of marina opening by Marine Pl.capt cove not repair


  1. It is too cold and too early to rant as much as I would like, so I’ll put this out there for others to comment on. 🙂

    1. That is finished? Has anyone from the town actually LOOKED at Washington Street at Recreation Place?

    2. The marina floods regularly on both sides. This needs to be mitigated.

    3. The boat storage is allowed, especially the one that blocks the sidewalk?

    4. The junkyard is okay, if he puts a stockade fence up? I don’t think that is the answer, especially to the residents that live around that area.

    5. There’s still the matter of the crapfest that is Fred’s yard. Is anything being done about that, or is that in limbo because of the lawsuit too?


  2. This guy will never play by the rules and property is direct threat to residents within blocks around it. If sewer line was not attached where was sewer water going ? I don’t understand why all the residents must lift their homes to mitigate flooding but this business that causes flooding gets a pass? This is a business that endangers the community. How does a business owner that blatantly ignores the laws get away with a slap on this wrist. He must of had a good lawyer. I don’t believe in eminent domaine in general but this is perfect case for it. It’s a dump and definition of blight.
    -something that frustrates plans or hopes.
    -something that impairs or destroys.
    -a deteriorated condition.


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