5 thoughts on “How Much Snow Will There Be in Highlands?

  1. rockemsockem

    Has anyone seen a plow down their street yet? I noticed Sung Harbor by OEM’s home plowed literally from Bay Ave stopping at Cheerful place but no other blocks around it? Is there a plan/strategy by administration at all to handle these storms with the resources we have or just winging it? I really would like to see clear OEM plans for various storm scenarios posted on municipal website under OEM besides the current plan which seems to be “plow my block” so my family is okay.


  2. Jen

    They plowed Barberie a lot, but now it’s pure ice under the blowing layer of snow. Some sand would be nice so I don’t end up on my ass when I walk the dog.

    Also, they were out plowing at 6am too.

    This time, I can’t get too ranty about the priorities. I get that the hill should probably be done before downtown, and getting OEM out of his house first to coordinate other activities is probably part of the plan. (Note to self: next time you move, live next to mayor, police chief, fire chief, or OEM guy) There were lots of plows out all night, even if the patterns seemed to be somewhat random.


    1. Cathy kane

      Better yet. Instead of moving next to them Why don’t you be the mayor, police chief,fire chief or Oem guy and volunteer a lot of your time for ungrateful residents. Sounds like a plan. What do you think?


  3. NoLongerNew

    I almost got stuck on 36 by HES on Tuesday early afternoon. Two cars were already stuck in the left lane. I was shocked at how poorly plowed/sanded/salted the hills were yesterday early in the storm. It’s like no one told the town the snow was coming. I get that 36 is a state road and Linden is a county road but you would think there would be some priority for the main roads.

    With the cold I wonder how long it’ll be before we see blacktop on Shore Drive between Waterwitch & the ferry.


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