6 thoughts on “Who has the best breakfast in Highlands?

  1. k0ny

    Surprised that “At home” isn’t one of the choices. Seriously, we’ve eaten at all of the above and none of them is anything special. Usually, we walk away saying, “You know, we’ve got bacon and eggs at home. Why didn’t we just make breakfast ourselves?”


  2. Voice of Reason

    Nothing beats the Girls Cafe for good food, friendliness and the feeling that you are part of the family.


  3. NoLongerNew

    The bakery case at Bay Ave Cafe is always tempting. I’ve never been disappointed!

    That said, I miss Kenny’s crumb cake. It was almost as addicting as crack.


  4. Jen

    It depends on the mood and the degree of hangover, among other things. Girls is our default, for proximity, good food, and the atmosphere (as others have said above). Sandwitch Shop (edited) has Irish Nachos — the best hangover cure ever, and Bay Ave Cafe does the best omelets and corned beef hash (and those delicious samples of pastries and crumb cake).

    I wish we had a bagel shop though, with flat bagels. Mmmm, flagels!


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