Highlands Man indicted of Asbury Park Murder

Operation Hats Off sellers (Monmouth County Prosecutors Office)

Operation Hats Off sellers (Monmouth County Prosecutors Office)

A Monmouth County Grand Jury indicted Ronald Daniels, Jr., 24, of Fourth Avenue, Highlands, on Monday on the 2012 shooting death of Jerome Wright outside of Atkins Deli in Asbury Park. Police said the victim didn’t appear to be the intended target of the shooting and that he had no known gang affiliations.

Daniels was incarcerated when he was officially charged with the murder after earlier arrest by the Operation Hats Off sting, were he and several other Fruit Town Brims gang were found guilty of distributing large quantities of heroin in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

13 thoughts on “Highlands Man indicted of Asbury Park Murder

  1. Rosemary Ryan

    How come this doesn’t get everyone in a tizzy? This is something that the town (meaning all you who read this) should be outraged about and get to the source of why we have so many gang members and drug dealers in our town. Maybe it is time we all do something about it. I am in to help try and fix it and not anonymously like so many others. This is a person who should be embarrassed in the town, not people who try and make the town better. We have gang members in this town, I understand many are afraid of gangs and the revenge, but we have to do something. I don’t want any gangs in our town. How about all of you and what are we willing to do about it?


  2. Bert

    I’d like to see one of these Highlands Gangstas dropped into East L.A., or even worse Hong Kong. They’d be crying for their mother to come pick them up. Oh and also if you’re trying to inspire fear you might want to give more thought to your gang’s name. The “Fruit Town Brims?”


    1. Kat

      Is that for real? I would be interested oin reading more about the gang activity in our town. I think a lot of residents may not be aware of teh extent.


  3. Seven Stars

    The gang/drug issue is a county-wide problem, from what I’ve read; it isn’t just Highlands. I’m absolutely interested in any ideas you have, Rosemary. Scary stuff.


  4. NoLongerNew

    I don’t know how you stop it. It’s in every town. Unless you’re lucky enough to live where the population is below 100, you’re going to have a gang problem.

    So if someone has some ideas on how to run the gangs out of town, I’m all ears.

    Thank you to the cops for fighting a losing battle. How many other gang members in that house? How soon until someone new moves into his place?


    1. rockemsockem

      Rosemary you are right but unfortunately this town has the perfect conditions for drug dealers & users to exist. Slumlords that have existed for years where most of these people reside, along with nothing for teenagers to do for fun. No movie theatre, no gaming arcades or amusements, comic book shops, bowling alley, record stores or cool events for this age group, all of which could create real jobs for young adults. Education and positive outlets are key. It basically comes down to money & boredom. When I look at the list of users and dealers they are all very young. If you cut off the demand the suppliers will move on for most part. Partnerships for Drug free America help communities at no cost with these issues.


    2. Stacy

      Everyone blames the slumlords for everything that’s wrong in town… do you really think that they rent places in their own names? Isn’t the point to hide in plain sight not run your gang colors up the flagpole in the front yard to announce your arrival?
      Sure there’s lots of things that can be blamed on them, but when was the last time you read of an arrest where the person arrested was on the lease?


    3. rockemsockem

      Stacy being a slumlord in any town is never good for a community and contributes to enabling an undesirable element. They don’t usually mention in papers or arrest logs if they are on lease or homeowners. Like @Kat says maybe we need to know more stats. If you know the facts about how many of these people are homeowners in our town please share. I certainly would be interested in knowing.


    4. Stacy

      Absentee landlords are never good for any town, but Highlands has the next best thing, nosy neighbors, so while there may not be a way to prevent them from moving into town, at least they won’t go unnoticed.

      That being said, I have no stats as to how many people arrested for drugs or gang activity are the actual homeowners. The only thing I have is the same thing that is available on the Monmouth county site is the list of homeowners, property sales, etc. I update my list once a year to see what the average sales prices for homes were.

      I could speculate and say that if someone were a homeowner the articles would say so, since reporters tend to look for those types of information and would say “so and so, homeowner in highlands” instead of resident.


  5. Goat Hiller

    Highlands Man, Previously Convicted of Child Porn Possession, Faces New Charge
    Today’s APP headline. Really?


    1. Carolyn

      Really.  And a t the Council Meeting last night, the Chief said he had nothing to report.  I guess the FBI being in town wasn’t worthy of being mentioned…


    2. NoLongerNew

      I also found it odd that there was nothing to report. I can’t remember now if he was going to give his report on the 1st or the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Either way, there was no report on January 1st so I would have expected one last night.


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