Will an outdoor Ice Skating Rink work in Highlands

icerinkI was thinking about what type of activity could Highlands possibly have that could attract people in the non-summer months? (Besides the bars) Then I had talked to some people that visited the new Middletown ice rink over the holidays and said it was packed.

So then I thought, how many outside ice rinks are there in NJ?  There are two, one in Jersey City that boasts “Romantic Views of NYC” and another one is Glassboro that just opened in November 2013. The South Jersey one boasts a nearby fire pit and little chalets to buy sweaters, scarves, mittens etc.

Outside rinks can be pretty easy to construct and maintain. You could take advantage of the local NJ Youth Hockey leagues and give them a place to practice. You boast views of NYC but views of the water. You could open the door for vendors/businesses to have concession stands with hot chocolate, maybe Kranky’s could branch out into ice skate rentals as well as bikes. Sasha’s could have “Highlands” sweaters, scarves and hats”.(Actually having some stuffed harbor seals might work too.)  It would give the local B&B’s another reason to have the NY’ers come down for a weekend in the winter.

And just like NY’s Rockefeller center has the statue of Atlas, we could have the twin light statues.

But I have a strange feeling that Bay Ave wouldn’t be zoned for Ice Skating..





  1. I think this is a fantastic idea. Outdoor ice-skating has had a resurgence in NYC with at least 3 rinks open alone in Manhattan and at least two in Brooklyn. In London, over the last few years, ice skating rinks have popped up and are popular especially as a Christmas vacation activity. I couldn’t agree more, we need an attraction to get people into town and if we have an anchor then other businesses could potentially spring up around it. Maybe in the summer, it could become a miniature golf course like was done in Wollman Rink years ago. Forward thinking and follow through is more of what this town needs. I’ve been saying it for years, this town has to stop re-inventing the wheel and look to other communities to see how they have solved their economic and branding issues.


  2. I have one in front of my house right now that you can use.I just hope a plow comes down Water Witch ave later so i can get out . PS. I don’t think i am zoned to sell hot chocolate and i lost all my sweaters in sandy.


  3. I love it but parking could be an issue at that end of town especially with the trailers taking up valuable municipal lots. Maybe even move those cute cottages on John St & use those as the shops.

    Perhaps when the Frank Nolan Municipal Complex is built the town will allow the rink to be on the sight of the current borough hall. There’s even parking in the back!


  4. That’s a super idea! A skating rink would be so popular and the existing local businesses could capitalize on it.

    While we’re on the subject of new ideas for our town, why don’t we have pay and display parking in the summer like some other shore towns do? I’ve only lived here for 5 years so I don’t know if it was done previously. Sorry if this is a silly question.


  5. It could be indoors with big windows looking out! It would be cool looking right out on to water with the view from the bay.


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