Hercules Comes to Highlands

hercules A Coastal Flood Watch for Monmouth County was issued at January 02. According to NOAA there will is a forecast of 7.5 – 8.0 above median lower low water.

There are two different disturbances, one coming from the west and one coming up the coast. Thursday into early Friday the northern and southern weather disturbances will join forces to form a single – and much more powerful – low-pressure system.

The track of the low-pressure center will stay well offshore – but not far enough offshore to prevent significant snowfall accumulations in the Northeast. Right now Highlands is expected to see between 5 – 8 inches of snow.

What are you going to do tomorrow?


  1. Didn’t get call but I know call came too late anyway. How are you supposed to dig out and move your car on such short notice? Yep we are just awesome at emergency preparedness! Yippee wonderful job protecting residents again we are just the best at it! RAH RAH HA!


    • Yeah, it was too late and lacking any useful information. Just where are we supposed to move to, when the streets are all flooded and snow-covered?

      Oh, and has anyone heard about the recycling that was moved to tomorrow (I didn’t get the notice on that, but did hear from someone else)? Since this is contracted out, I wonder if Future will show up or blow it off…


    • My guess is since ice rink now outside all our homes they will be a no show. Haven’t seen a salt or sand truck at all! Its way too dangerous to even walk down these blocks not too mention drive. I really just have had it with the complete and utter incompetents of these people who are actually proud of themselves for being so great ! I hope Karma kicks them all in their delusional asses!


    • Wednesday pick up was supposed to be Saturday. I’m guessing Future Sanitation took one look at our streets and said “hell no!!!” I never got a notice that the reschedule was cancelled. Guess I’ll have to schlep to the recycling yard at some point.

      And am I the only one that thinks the town did a shitty job of plowing? It seems they only care about Bay Avenue. Even Waterwitch going up the hill was a bit nerve racking on Saturday morning, well after the snow had stopped. Was the job incomplete this time because of Sunday’s warm temperatures? Did they try to save a few dollars by waiting it out?


    • Snug & Waterwitch had 2 ft of water. Not sure where else but I’m sure other blocks were also flooded. Tim Hill drove up and told the DPW guys not to bother on Waterwitch since we were only going to flood again with another high tide coming in. Nice, right? Thank God we didn’t get more water!! Still pretty bad on side streets except I did notice Snug completely clear, I guess it pays to live on block where OEM resides.


    • The snow was plowed over the drains on the corner of Cheerful and Barberie, much to my surprise (not). That might explain the foot of water we had coming up the street.

      I might suggest to the borough that they have two separate snow management plans in place — one for snow alone, and a completely different one for snow with tidal flooding. But that would be common sense, now, wouldn’t it?

      I’m kind of surprised that y’all on Waterwitch didn’t have the administrator strung up by his balls after that comment. It’s beyond disgraceful to be so flippant towards people who are barely recovered from Sandy and quite likely more than a little bit PTSD-triggered by rising water.

      Highlands new town motto: Let them eat cake!


    • All the neighbors are livid, beleive me! We were out there clearing drains ourselves to try to get water down before the plows even came. When they arrived they were really trying to help us until they were told to leave. We had to fend for ourselves. As you could imagine we were terrified of the next high tide as even with all our efforts the street was still left pretty bad. Thanks to the warmer weather it’s so much better today but no excuse for Tim Hill.


    • So I guess when he said not to bother with Waterwitch they took him literally and skipped the hill?

      I fear a merger with Middletown because we’ll just get lost in the shuffle of a big town, but I almost welcome it at this point. At least it’ll be expected when we get crappy end of the line treatment.


  2. When I first moved here, they did a great job plowing overall. I noticed this year that Bay Ave seems to be the only street where they make a decent effort. Really disappointing.


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