Garbage Truck Hits Parked Car into House

valley aveAt approximately 8:35 this AM one of the Future Sanitation trucks hit a parked car into a house on the corner of Valley and Osborne in Highlands. According to Monmouth County PD/FD/EMS a gas line was struck. The road was blocked off and emergency services were on the scene.



This isn’t the first time Future has had issues navigating our streets, back in April 2011 they rolled one of their trucks on Hillside.


  1. Wow … Poor people! Between that and our new fire truck not being able to maneuver on our streets I think it’s time to build a better mouse trap. More ‘ laughing stock’ material and its getting downright shameful. Public comment at council meetings is not effective … So what next?


  2. The blame for this definitely belongs to the Borough Council. After all, they hired those guys. A pox on all their houses. No happy holiday wishes for them. Off with their heads….


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