Is Highlands the Laughingstock of Monmouth County?

Mayor Nolan is quoted in when asked about hiring Patrick Deblasio as Highlands CFO as sayingha ha

“In many ways, we are the laugh­ing­stock of the county,”  “This will just add to it.”

Why do you think Highlands is the laughingstock of Monmouth County?


  1. I have learned over the years we will have a new reason shortly, as council can’t help but make this town more and more of a mess.


  2. Wake up people of Highlands….like a company going under, a change in management is needed! You may like and respect some of the people on council personally but that does not mean they are capable of getting town through tough times. As a matter of fact it has been the opposite thus far….bad decisions, lack of action, real change can only be achieved through new, forward, creative thinking people. You have the power of change if you want to see town move in positive direction you just need to use it. Write, call, use all your social media, talk to your neighbors and tell the powers that be …. “i’m as mad as hell and not taking it anymore” Network🙂 What do you have to loose other than living in a bankrupt town?


  3. I was going to pick all of the above, but AH paying more to get rid of us makes them look foolish, not us. Sure they may be desperate, but the joke’s on those tax payers. At least until the debt is paid off. 🙂

    This Christmas, I’m wishing for two very strong candidates to oust Becky and Chris. Yes, they are nice and I have no issue with them personally, but I think they can do better for this town.


  4. I hope that for the new year Highlands as a community can put aside the finger pointing and really come up with a vision of what they want Highlands to become and to work towards that vision. A vision of “increase ratebles” as the sole goal is just as bankrupt as a half-empty half-rebuilt town that is stuck in triage. I think that there is a slim chance that the Master Plan process could produce a plan, vision that incorporates the history, character and points Highlands in a clear direction.

    As far as the upcoming election, new people with fresh ideas would be great. Being a council person is never an easy job. It is thankless and time consuming. Post-Sandy this is even more true.


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