Where Should Highlands Borough Hall be?

highlands boro hallOne of the things that came out of the Highlands special council meeting was the consideration of moving the permanent Borough Hall and the police station to potentially Shore or to other locations not on Bay Ave.

One of the talking points not readily available is what the cost differentials were between rebuilding on Bay or building a new building on Shore (or somewhere else)

Where do you think Borough Hall should be?


  1. There is a lot to consider here. We should find out what it would cost to go back into Bay Avenue. It’s got to be less expensive than possibly having to pay the full cost of the trailers until a new borough hall is built.

    Does anyone know if we pay HES, HHRS, and/or the housing authority to use their spaces for the public meetings? If so, what’s the cost?


  2. You build a parking deck into the hill and put the town and cops in it. You make resident permit parking and if the drunks can make it from w&s past the police to their cars they can go home. This parking deck would also prevent the slump block.


  3. Oh and you make the old flooded crappy moldy bay av site into a concert hall convention center or museum. An anchor to bring humans into town that does not rely on fermentation


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