Highlands CFO retiring

retirementSteve Pfeffer is retiring from Highlands as CFO next year. Its been reported in AHHERALD and MMM that the job is being offered to Patrick DeBlasio who is currently the tenured Tax Collector for Highlands.

Some of the questions being discussed are:

A) Why isn’t this position being publicized or advertised?

B) Mr. DeBlasio currently has 5 jobs in 4 different Boroughs, is it reasonable to think that he could handle a 6th job? Job sharing isn’t new, Mr Pfeffer was split his time between Tinton Falls and Highlands as CFO. But is there a number of jobs that tips the scale from a yes to a no vote when considering hiring a potential employee?

C) If Mr. DeBlasio is appointed CFO, he’ll be paid over $300,000 a year. Highlands portion of that is $95k, $65 for CFO and $30k for tax collector. Do we get a special deal for him doing 2 separate jobs in one municipality? So instead of $95k we only have to pay him $70k? I mean we are saving him traveling expenses.

What do you think we should do regarding back filling the CFO position?


  1. Wish I could pick two: advertise the position and DO NOT consider the tax collector. The amount of hours just don’t add up, plus we need more attention than someone with 5 other jobs could give us. If this position is 20 hours/week as Mayor Nolan assumes a part time job is, then let’s hire someone that can give this town a full 20 hours/week.


  2. This is not a wise move to have a man who already has a full-time job(s). There are many qualified people who may not have a job and are qualifed not have a chance is extremely narrow minded.


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