SHRAP Intake in Highlands Mondays

A Future With Hope and the Affordable Housing Alliance (AHA),  the AHA will be doing intake sessions for the SHRAP grants from 9 am – 3 pm on Mondays, starting on Monday, December 16, 2013 at the Future With Hope offices. (aka The First Methodist church building located at 183 Bay Ave.,)

Please note that counselors will only be doing intakes on Mondays – so appointments are needed, no Walk-ins

Please call 732-389-2958 to register for an appointment.

If you have not already registered for the grant – you will need to call the Affordable Housing Alliance offices at 732-389-2958 to register.  You will then recive a packet of forms that you will  need to fill out prior to your appointment with a counselor.  Note: To get a head start on this process, I would recommend that you contact your mortgage company to get a copy of your W-9 which is required for the grant as soon as possible as this takes time to get.

For your convenience, I have attached a copy of the press release explaining the SHRAP grant and a copy of the SHRAP Frequently Asked Questions sheet in the hopes that it may help with any questions you may have.



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