9 thoughts on “Neglected Business Tour

  1. What do I think?

    Can someone please explain how theses buildings are permitted to stand for years on end with what appears to be no plans for any renovation? Awful!


    1. NoLongerNew

      That is probably best addressed to the town council. There is a special council meeting on Wednesday, December 11th and the topic is “Discussion on Capital Improvements to Municipal Facilities.” The agenda shows the usual public portion that you have to sign in for. That’s probably your best opportunity to get answers.


  2. Carolyn

    I LOVE that little place on Miller.  If I had 2 nickels to rub together, I’d buy it and make that the visi tor’s center, it’s just so cute!


    1. Njview

      The place on Miller, with its house, just got listed for $89K- so two nickels is not far off….the listing says the shop used to be a comic store. With the nice little balconies on the home, and the decent lot and store, that is a really cool property!

      The other two buildings have stood like that since I moved into town in 1986 – literally unchanged since then. at one point the white building was rumored to become a bakery…I will look up on app.com’s datauniverse link and see who owns them and the taxes…..


    2. Njview

      Just looked up the other two addresses ( 1 bay and 151 miller). Are they correct? 1 bay shows owned by Bahrs and maps close to the bridge, the other one comes up blank- meaning no such address?


  3. Njview

    OK Found em. 151 was bought in 2007 for $225K by Bay Avenue Properties LLC listed in Ridgewood NJ, pays 4100 in taxes. 242 was bought in 1992 for $52K by Harriet Ricciardone who shows as living in atlantic highlands or avenel, and pays 7300 in taxes. Definitely ‘mystery buildings’ !!


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