Pyschic back on Bay Ave

psychic The Psychic Mystic & Life Coach that was supposed to be up the road on Bay Ave is back.

Maybe they saw that Bay Ave floods but as long as they’re up 4 steps, they’ll be fine.

So I see flooding in Highlands but just not as bad as Sandy.


  1. Awesome! Maybe she should run for council – at least she could predict what will happen when FEMA stops covering our expenses :))


  2. Its beyond me why the state allows a fraudulent business to exist. Psychics take gullible people’s hard-earned money on a totally fraudulent basis. The operators of these places typically skirt the law by claiming it’s “for entertainment purposes only”. Highlands should have a higher standard for what types of stores they allow in town.


    • And actually, I find it funny that they allow a psychic, which you claim is fraudulent, but won’t allow a pool hall, tattoo shop, or arcade.

      I wonder what they’re protecting us from with that ordinance.


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