Top Coastal Towns Receiving Aid

According to, here are the top 10 NJ coastal towns receiving aid by dollar amount:

1.  Toms River:  $96.3 million -The town reportedly lost a quarter of its tax base from Sandy’s destruction: more than 400 homes have been demolished of the 4,000-plus that were severely damaged.
2. Brick: $50.9 million
3. Belmar  $47.4 million
4.Seaside Heights is set to receive $32.7 million
5. Union Beach is set to receive $30.5 million
6. Atlantic City will receive $30.2 million
7. Little Egg Harbor will receive $29.6 million
8. Berkeley will receive $24.6 million
9. Middletown looks to receive $23.5 million
10. Atlantic Highlands is set to receive $21.5 million

Nearly $800 million in relief was set aside for 128 municipalities impacted by Sandy, according to the report. Nearly half that money was set aside for 10 communities.

To put things in perspective, here are the NJ coastal towns that received the first batch of Sandy Money:

Stafford: $5, million
Toms River: $5, million
Little Egg Harbor: $4.3 million
Keansburg: $3.9 million
Lavallette: $2,7 million
Atlantic Highlands: $2.1 million
Little Silver: $1,.8 million
Sea Bright: $1.2 million
Oceanport: $1.1 million
Mantoloking: $831,074

12 thoughts on “Top Coastal Towns Receiving Aid

  1. Not Just A Resident

    I won’t state the obvious but can’t help and again ask why!? Perhaps we just didn’t get that much damage after all and we’re misguided to think we’re also entitled to some of that help….

    It would be great to see how much our town got – aside from individually applied for relief.


  2. Doug Card

    Annemarie- Tim Hills announced at last meeting we should be getting our first $400,000+ grant disbursement. (Whoopee). Highlands has bonded $1.1M for Hazard Mitigation ( no mention of who in town gets the benefit of that $$ for elevating? Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re just getting around to Irene damages); $2.3M for disaster debris removal; $500k for wall rebuild; $220k for T&M’S north pump station which has a preliminary construction budget of $1.2M – and a debt repayment of $5.6M for dissolution of the Atlantic Highlands / Highlands Regional Sewer. Nolan also passed resolution/ordinance to FINALLY get a grant writer in town. Unfortunately the grants the Top 10 towns received are now closed.


  3. Doug Card

    So very SAD to note that Highlands did not make the top 10. Is it because our damages downtown and our loss of property values could not be directly attributed to the storm? Is it because our officials were not as competent as those other towns in filing for available grants? Is it because Highlands takes care of its own in a bubble of a vacuum …. with a to-hell-what-the-county-and-the-state-are-doing mentality? If I didn’t witness the dynamics of Highlands (and ol time Highlanders) myself with our attempts to get involved to bring tangible changes about I would not be as disgusted as I am right now in reading Highlands did not make the Top 10. Barb and Doug


  4. What do I think?

    Wow, come on powers that may be, enough already. The town is hanging on by a thread, what will it take to get the action needed? Doug Card?


  5. Doug Card

    Joan, that’s why we tried to push a Housing Advocate / Grant Writer project to fight these battles for homeowners. That project got voted #6 in the Highlands Recovery Plan. Meanwhile we’re bonding $330,000 for street sweepers & plows, $87,000 for police cars, $240,000 for ambulances, $16,000 for T&M’s over quote addtn’l expenses, $20,000 for rubber surface on new playground …. And the Highlands taxpayers footing the bill can’t even get back in their bloody homes.


  6. Eileen on 5th Street

    I wonder how does Highlands compare in population size and damage assessments to these other towns. Do they have better PR or really more damage ? I thought we were roughly equivalent to Union Beach in size and damage ? Who is responsible to work on this ??


  7. rockemsockem

    Truly disgraceful…. 1,100 out of 1,200 homes substantially damaged…people homes/lives less worthy than rebuilding docks in AH. It’s all BS politics along with people who refuse to admit they need HELP!!!! I’m one of those people that will support who is voted in even if I did not vote for them BUT I expect them to listen and do their jobs which is to represent all constitutes not self interests or interests of their buddies! MAYOR & COUNCIL better get to it!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know when they will begin these flood control projects before we end up like the poor people in Philippines?


  8. NoLongerNew

    I can’t even begin to venture a guess since the town is so tight lipped about what we’ve applied for and what we’ll be given. We’ve only been asking for that since the early spring.


  9. Imogene Suarez

    perhaps anyone feeling down on hutch should consider voicing their opinions beyond merely bickering on a website. email your politicians and city council. think a politican is corrupt? call them and confront them about it. write a letter, leave a voicemail… maybe if enough local people put in a few moments each, yall might get the ball rolling on bringing about some change? or at least raising public awareness about topics more pressing than the cosmosphere ? i mean, thats what i would do, at least. it sure beats pointless grumbling and circuitous dialog.


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