Highlands Results

Nolan: 46%   626 votes

Kane:   39%   535 votes

Card:   14%    196  votes


Non-Partisan Question:

Yes  57.91%    725  Votes

No 42.09%     527  Votes


  1. Congratulations to the town on approving the initiative! Will we be seeing a list of quality candidates and hearing about a “real” platform with achievable goals? Otherwise it will just be another election of choices from the same old menu


  2. It’s impressive that a write in candidate got as many votes as he did, but it was pretty clear from the start that a guy who couldn’t submit an application on time to be on the ballot, would have no real shot at getting elected. Still, what we need to focus on is that the Mayor of our town is largely a figurehead with no real power. He only gets one vote like everyone else on the council. We should hold every member of the council accountable for the poor decisions being made on behalf of our town. We should be active in meetings and let our voices be heard because, the reality of the situation, is that you don’t have to be elected to anything in order to sway the opinions of the town’s people. You just have to speak up.


    • Nothing is more evident of the power of speaking up than the mayor’s recent Shadowlawn shenanigans. The townspeople spoke up and swayed the vote of 3 council members. (Nolan never changed his vote and Francy was always against.)

      What this town needs is more people to come to the council meetings. Whether you agree with them does NOT matter. What matters is that you understand what is going on in town and voice your opinion.

      If the council meetings aren’t for you there are plenty of other groups to be involved in. There is an Environmental Committee, the HBP meetings are open to the public, there is a Substandard Housing committee, we have a new Arts Council and the Finance Committee is supposed to start meeting again. Is there something else you’re interested in but there isn’t a committee or group? Start one!

      Through this process I’ve come to find out that the townspeople have A LOT of great ideas about moving Highlands forward. Maybe some of them aren’t feasible but we need to start these discussions and spark more ideas. Yes, the FEMA steering committee was supposed to accomplish that, but there are so many things left off the table that can be done locally. There are people out there willing to volunteer their time to help us accomplish tasks without costing the town money. We need to leverage their expertise.

      I look forward to meeting new people willing to make a difference in town and working towards making Highlands better and better each day.


  3. My post election analysis.

    There are some things that totally need to be said about yesterdays election results. That is that they have HUGE implications!!!

    The first one is that the non partisan vote passing is more than just that. It is a vote of NO confidence in the entire borough council!!! If this was not so, it wouldnt have passed. On that subject winning by 200 votes is also a huge win in a town this small. It is not a squeeker result, and clearly shows people have had enough.

    Next I want to congratulate all those that worked to get this issue on the ballot. What great grass roots efforts, and I admire what they did greatly! Very damn impressive! Now………… there needs to be a plan going forward………… right? 🙂

    I also hope that Mayor Nolan didnt do too much of a victory dance down at the inlet last night. Another election win for him that wasnt a roman triumph. In fact, since the non partisan issue won, the mayor election is basically irrelevant. I would not feel good winning by less than 100 votes as an incumbant while the non partisan vote won by almost 200. not a stunning victory!

    Lastly, lets have a hand for the big winner last night, Doug Card? Winner you say? How so? A write in gets 200 votes? Really? Seriously? The reality is that he didnt need to win, and perhaps is better off not having done so. He got what he needed and wanted which is name recognition, and to have his greivances and issues with the town heard. 200 people had to go through the process and take the time to write his name in, and with the error factor involved, he probably got more than 200 votes. So, congrats to Doug Card! Time for the real run in May.

    Which brings me to my last point. If I was on council, and a major majority of the town had clearly signalled that they are not happy, I would consider just resigning. The un happiness was way before Sandy, and all the storm did was magnify the problems and show them to be as big as they are. So, my message to present council members is, maybe you guys want to consider not running in May and let the people have what they want desperately which is new blood and a clean slate. In the end, that is what the whole non partisan vote winning resoundingly really means!


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