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  1. duncan mccleod

    It was interesting to hear while at the polls people mentioning how they had never voted write in before. So, maybe………maybe……… Card has a shot at Mayor.

    Also, this has to be one of the weakest campaigns on both sides I have ever seen. signage while there, was weaker than usual. The campaign literature was full with feel good, what a great person i am BS, and devoid of any solid information about what they would do, other than vague empty promises!!!

    And was there any door to door? I didnt see any. Which would have been easier than usual with many people still not back in town. And lets face it, at least two of the candidates could have seriously used the exercise right?

    I guess both Becky and Frank are counting on the usual suspects to vote for them.

    However, I have to say there are a hell of a lot of those non partisan signs around, and they are one peoples houses and not just jumbled around the town.

    I think some people are in serious trouble!!!! Im looking forward to new elections in may!

    Oh, and on one more note. Art Gallagher, the perveyor of More Monmouth Musings, and who lives in town, and major Nolan supporter and advisor, has not blogged on single word about the election in Highlands, not one. You would think that a major grass roots initiative to change our election process would merit some blog space. But no! He didnt even mention the candidates, issues in town, zilch! And he is supposed to be some sort of relevant blogger and political force! Hah! Not!


    1. Jen

      God, Art’s blog post is a (nausea-inducing) tribute to St Nolan.

      FFS, his house wasn’t any more “destroyed” than the rest of ours.

      Must. Resist. Rant…


  2. duncan mccleod

    Sir Winston is, and this is kind of hilarious, is a dog by the same name owned by someone who lives in marina by the bay! LOL 🙂


  3. rockemsockem

    Yes and in John Scheider’s video he says he earned it. http://youtu.be/YGzd6D7s1aY\
    Sounds like sense of entitlement to me?
    I hope he gets that 54 % of the residents(majority) didn’t vote for him and his victory is clearly not a mandate for him to do what he wants. The Non Partisan movement that passed will be very important to the future now. We must replace those who chose not to fight for residents but instead try to silence! Will actually listen to residents not just give lip service. Sorry to say but I think that includes Becky as she seems to think a vote for her was for change which as much she seems like a nice women just don’t believe would of been the case.
    To Doug & Barbara Card…good job and admirable run, if only more time things might be different…. but don’t let up!


    1. Angus

      A vote for Doug was a vote for frank….. I tried to tell you…..

      I bet Doug won’t rerun…
      Frank and developers should buy him dinner.
      I wonder if you will maintain the site much longer ….

      Well played kinda good well played. Its like parla and britton before


    2. Seven Stars

      Angus, I respectfully disagree with you. As much as Mayor Nolan wants to believe he won an “overwhelming victory” (those are the words he used on his FB page), he did not. The majority of residents voted against him. That a write-in candidate could get so much of the vote is terrific. The fact it happened and that the non-partisan initiative passed shows that things are changing. And change like that usually doesn’t happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

      Mr. Card may or may not choose not to run again, but either way, I doubt he’s going to just quietly sit with his hands folded and not speak up if he sees something unjust or shady. The concerned citizens of this blog aren’t going anywhere either.


    3. highlandsblog Post author

      @Angus, one thing that also factored in here was the robo calls that misinformed voters on the costs of the non-partisan. It put a bad taste in some voters mouths that it was so blatantly misleading at the last hour. Not to actually vote for Doug, but just not to support Becky, so bluntly they voted for Frank. That strategy back fired, and it didn’t come from the Doug Card camp. And regarding this blog if you look down toward the bottom of the page, I’ve been writing it since 2010, well before Sandy or this election.


    4. NoLongerNew

      Angus, a vote for Becky was a vote for Frank. It’s a shame more people didn’t see that.

      If Becky really wanted change she would have stepped down and put her support behind Doug. She also would have supported Highlands United and non-partisan elections. At the very least she could have remained neutral on that one.

      Had she done so, she would have her seat on council, as she does today, and she would have shown the town that she is a team player and is willing to do what’s good for the town, not her resume. Given that the robo-call came from a county-level group my guess is that someone above her told her how to think. Perhaps next time she’ll remember that and worry about the town and not what other people think.


    5. rockemsockem

      This is a response to somebody on Highlands New Jersey FB page from Nolan to a resident expressing dissatisfaction of results but happy about non partisan. I’m assuming it has something to do what Angus is referring to above. Real professional and mature. I don’t know Mr Nolan but this is just a disgusting childish, display. This is what Highlands is dealing with…. I hope all who voted for him proud.They keep winning while everyone struggles!

      Frank Nolan: She is angry because I trounced her boyfriend last time and her friend this time. All us Nolan’s do is keep winning. Whoop there it is 0 for 2 happy Karen. He who laughs last laughs the loudest. HA HA HA HA


    6. Jen

      I honestly had to walk away from my computer when I read that. It really says all I need to know about the man.

      Funny how he couldn’t be bothered to answer any questions that were posed to him on facebook before the election, yet he was very quick to jump in and gloat in such an unpleasant manner.

      Becky’s pouting and blaming Doug really wasn’t much better either. Said a lot about her too.


    7. NoLongerNew

      Fine. Frank can gloat now but the town council meetings are only going to be more difficult going forward. It’s been a year since Sandy. This town is tired of waiting. He better have some big plans to help the downtown recover and quickly. And he better think twice before he tries to waste our time and tax dollars on the high rise on the hill AGAIN.

      We need the community center to be open. We need town hall to be fixed so that we aren’t paying 10% of the cost of the trailers and so that parking is available to the residents, businesses and visitors. We need the town to apply for every grant possible. We need to see the town helping residents get every bit of grant money that’s available. We expect the council to work with the HBP to bring in more businesses. We expect the council, HBP and Zoning and Planning boards to work with those new businesses to expedite necessary processes while waiving red tape where reasonable.

      We will hold him and the council accountable. I hope he’s ready for that.


    8. PrayingMantis

      I agree that Doug’s write in effort resulted in Nolan’s reelection. It is hard to look at the election numbers without coming to that conclusion.

      I am a little surprised at the numbers for the non-partisan thing. I guess that Art “the architect” helped get the word out. Wonder what is in the GOP interest to have these “non-partisan” elections in May?


    9. Rockemsockem

      No it wil be an election based on ideas and solutions no matter your affiliation. The point is that it shouldn’t and doesn’t matter, only being a intelligent person determined to work for all the Highlands not just to serve their circle of sure supporters. Sorry Ms Kane upset but she can still stand by her words in months ahead and listen to people as she stated on her election videos. No time for if this and if that,! its time for all to get to work for ALL residents!


    10. PrayingMantis

      How are you going to control who runs? The reason Art and the GOP supported your initiative is so that they could side step Carol Bucco. You are going to have Frank Nolan cronies on the ballot and incumbents, and whichever ones want to run. The vote will be splintered and the Nolan’s crew will win and control the Mayor and Council. I hope I am wrong ….


    11. Rockemsockem

      You are undermining intelligence of people of a Highlands…it’s ridiculous stop being part of problem instead of part of solution! Enough with the nonsense already …, over it and nobody buying into it anymore.


    12. highlandsblog Post author

      You being surprised on the #’s for non-partisan votes shows your out of touch of pulse of mainstream Highlanders. The GOP support came after the dissent of nonpartisan by the democrats. – totally a political strategy. But it did work. HU is a diverse group. We’re about making things work, not about underlying political BS. So all you conspiracy theorists, have a ball, nothing will come of it.


    13. PrayingMantis

      GOP support came because Frank/Art recognized that it was in their own self-interest. Please don’t get me wrong I supported the measure but I hope the same thing that happened in the Mayoral election doesn’t happen again in May.


    14. PrayingMantis

      Also the GOP officialdom was against the non-partisan (i.e. Carol Bucco’s rebocall and letter to the editor).

      But Frank/Art/Parla/Rick see this as a way for them to wrestle control of the Highlands GOP. In case you had not noticed Highlands GOP was in a bit of turmoil the last few years. Art has exploited your well meaning initiative to stage his own internal revolt.


    15. NoLongerNew

      He can revolt all he wants. EVERYONE is going to have to bring it if they want to be elected. Not with just feel-good warm & fuzzy platitudes, but with a real plan to move this town forward.

      A lot of people in this town are fed up with the do-nothing mayor and council. It took us six months of complaining at council meetings about the lack of code enforcement and blight before they finally gave in and hired a part-time code enforcement person. We’ll see if they actually accomplish anything.

      It took us 6+ months of complaining about why Highlands isn’t receiving grant money at the same pace as surrounding towns and now FINALLY they are looking to hire a full time grant writer.

      I’m sure the incumbents will claim these as their accomplishments but those that pay attention to what is actually going on will know better. And I am confident that a lot more people know the real deal and don’t believe the rhetoric.


    1. Carolyn

      @Angus way to be civilized with that comment. When are you going to clean up your house… Talk about an eyesore…


    2. Angus Mcdougald

      When they let me rebuild I will… until then ill keep paying over5 k a year for taxes and sewer for a house they wont let me use. Seems like you really have to know people for the town to let you get back to whole.

      I got that line from bill Clinton talking about Obama btw. The mayor elections have been altered by 3rd parties the last 6 years, and it seems like the Gop has always made out


    3. Carolyn

      Curious as to whom is the “they” that won’t let you rebuild.  Is it Zoning Board or Permit office?  And what are they telling you besides you can’t rebuild?  Maybe we can get the APP back in town.


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