Robo calls Received Over Non-Partisan Initiative

Certain Highlands residents received calls today about the Non-Partisan Question that is appearing on the ballot on Tuesday.  Apparently Monmouth County Democratic Women’s group is letting certain people (potential voters) know that by voting “YES” to a Non-Partisan government, it would increase taxes next year in Highlands.  (Yeah, like Sandy won’t have a part in that regardless) Further it also mentions by voting Non-Partisan, Highlands will go the route of Asbury Park.

Here’s the thing, it will costs $7k for the May election. Then the elections *can* be moved back to November by ordinance. If you think about it, its about $3 per household.

Did you receive a Robo Call today?


  1. Interesting…they are so hungry to hold on to that lil piece of power that they go to such lengths to stifle residents voices by fear mongering. This is exactly why I would vote YES!!!! How much money have they wasted by their dereliction of duties? No insurance on our Municipal buildings, paying $2200 a month on a Solutions Center(drink up) with no solutions, legal costs to push through Shadowlawn ordinance not once but twice, magical disappearing donations…the list goes on & on! Truth is, if we allow this behavior the more it will cost us. Besides they know all to well they can vote to move election to November without any costs but I’m more than happy to pay the $3.00 for FREEDOM OF CHOICE in May. Just a footnote here, Asbury is in way more positive position of growth and renaissance than Highlands is….. so stupid example if you ask me.
    Dirty,deceitful politicking at its purest!


  2. If this robo call changed your vote from yes to know, then ask yourself this question: Why does Monmouth County care what we do with our local elections? And what have they done for you lately?

    This is EXACTLY why you need to vote yes. You can still support whomever you want for mayor AND support this referendum.

    Seven thousand dollars is a small amount to pay for a BIG change.


  3. I’m amused that they chose the color green (and stole the Highlands United logo) for their signs. Red might have seemed the more obvious color for no/stop, right?

    Someone is worried. And seemingly spreading rumors via the current council, it seems, based on what I’ve read (yes, I get the irony of that statement).


  4. Firstly, since its obvious from the robo calls and the signs against the non partisan ininitiative,which is by definition a REAL grass roots movement, that the powers that be are peeing their pants that it will pass. That alone speaks volumes for its importance, and bravo to those that got it on the ballot.

    Secondly, the campaign literature of both candidates is laced with falsehoods, baseless claims, the same old political retoric, and lets just say it, down right lies!!! here are some examples.

    Becky Kane wants to say shes for honest and open government and how “approachable” she is. She is so approachable that many including myself have never gotten a single response to questions posed directly to her.

    Next how “honest” and lacking integrity was it for her to be voting on each and every issue related to the HFD while no only a member of the town council but as fire chief with her pal Billy Caizza? She voted yes to all HFD votes, and never recused herself even though it was a conflict of interest. Even her being fire chief while on town council violated the NJ ethics laws! Also, she was in charge of a dept. that was illegally running raffles and events without licenes requred by ordinance, also while she was on council!!! Honest? NO way!!!!

    Also, she never has explained why she was vehemently against the HBP, even voting with her democrat pals to first abolish it, then severly reduce its budget later on, and now is the council laison and now lauds her involvement with the organization as one of her accomplishments. This is a gigantic flip flop!!!

    But Nolan is just as bad if not worse. I give him credit for talking the talk as mayor, but he doesnt really walk the walk. He is by definition all talk. Even his last minute literature is full of BS. He states in it that he is the first Mayor to have town hall meetings. This is patently false, and this has been done several times in the past, by mayors and council. I should know I attended them.

    He states he is the only council member to not draw a salary from the town. In fact, council members before Nolan came to council were never paid. It was on his watch that it was voted that council members should be paid. So, this is laudable how exactly?

    He says he has worked hard with democrats and republicans to advance the town. How exactly? Does anyone see any real advancement?

    BOTH candidates talk about tackling flooding and code enforcement. Really? And how long have both of them been on council? And have these issues been addressed? But NOW they suddenly will be. Past history shows this is more political BS!!!

    If people in this town have any brains they will overwhelmingly support the non partisan initiative. The little minds of the town know that is passed their days of being the big fish in the small pond are over, and that their BS empire and relevance are done!


    • Right on Duncan!  Just got our call today… This is the reason Non-Partisan is the way to go.  Why should some county based group push us around and tell us how to vote in Highlands?  The just proved the point that outside interests are running the show, BUT not for long.


    • I’d like to follow up on the council salary. Since the robo-call was so concerned about what they think the cost of non-partisan would be, and that there are at least 2 council members involved in the “vote no” campaign, perhaps they’d be willing to forgo their salaries as well.

      It appears we spend $10,000/year on council salaries and wages according to the budget.* What’s not clear is if that is for 4 or 5 council members. All of the salaries & wages appropriated for TY 2012 (the 6 month transitional budget year) were spent. So they either don’t budget for Nolan & he doesn’t collect it or that money is being paid to Nolan & returned to the town.

      But I digress. Maybe we should ask why our council members feel entitled to that money in a time when our town is stretched financially thin. If they didn’t want to pay $10,000 for a non-partisan election maybe they shouldn’t be paid $10,000 for salaries. Isn’t that in the best interest of the town’s bottom line?

      *Link to the budget, see sheet 12 (page 22 of the file):


    • The way I see it, I personally paid over $1000 in building/plumbing/lifting permits so we paid for one seventh of the May election. You are welcome friends and neighbors!


  5. Thanks Carolyn,

    I can also tell you that both sides were out doing last minute campaigning things for the local candidates. On the Republican side, I even saw Jennifer Beck going door to door dropping off literature. A sure sign that Nolan is seriously worried when the big guns have to be brought in!!!

    The mere fact that anyone would spend money on robo calls, and printed signs against the non partisan initiative speaks volumes and volumes. I mean really? Seriously? Who determines the destiny of this town, us or the political hacks??? Im registered with one of the parties officially but disgusted at both local parties to the point of puking!!!

    Hundreds of people, and twice what was needed, signed the petition to get the non partisan initiative on the ballot. Im just hoping that all those that did go out and vote for it. Its a true grass roots thing and clearly shows not only the will of the voters, but their disgust with what is going on in this town.

    It is interesting that neither candidate came out publicly against the non partisan initative, but I know that both are against it, whether they admit it or not. So what do they do? Get others to do their dirty work for them. Something else that speaks volumes and shows the true face of what we are dealing with. They dont want to alienate those that support it in case it passes, but want to do whatever they can to see it shot down. More examples of what is keeping this town for the sake of politics.

    Oh, one other point I want to mention. For all the “good intentions” and “promises” made by both candidates, there wasnt one shred of information about how they were going to go about what they are saying they both want do do. Nothing!!!

    And Sorry Becky, nice try to explain away why not refunding fees to to people hit hard by Sandy was the right thing to do!!!! It just highlights the desperate financial straits the town is in. And ya know what Becky, maybe if you had tried to actually help the town and stopped playing politics by shooting down things like the HBP and BID, perhaps the town would have had many more businesses and ratables to depend on when disaster struck. But you instead played politics.

    And Mr. Nolan, you can say you are “working” with both democrats and Republicans, but the fact is that most Republicans in town dont support you!! You couldnt even win your own committee seat in your own district two times now, and neither could your wife! And what has “working” with these people done? Nothing!

    Both candidates should have spent their time supporting the good efforts of others, not playing politics, and not desperately trying to make themselves “relevant” and more time working town issues like code enforcement and flooding. Both had years on the council to do it, Nolan had a complete term as mayor, and zilch was done!!!

    Believe either one of you guys? No F ing way!!! You are BOTH perfect poster children for the non partisan initiative and the reason it has come to this. Up to now people have had no real choice, and its time for that BS to change starting tomorrow!!!!!


  6. For those of you who did receive the phone call, here is the email exchanging backing HU # of $7k –

    From: “Carolyn Cummins”
    To: “Carolyn Broullon”
    Sent: Friday, November 1, 2013 10:26:45 AM
    Subject: RE: May Election

    Estimate election cost $7,000

    From: Carolyn Broullon []
    Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2013 4:15 PM
    To: ccummins ccummins
    Subject: May Election

    Hi Carolyn,

    What is the cost to the town for a May election? We are hoping to pass Non-Partisan so we would have to have 1 May election before an ordinance can charge it back to November.

    Many thanks in advance for your reply,


  7. I think as evidence that Nolan is desparate and thinks he may lose, are all the last minute signs that were put 5 and 6 on peoples lawns because no one else would have them on their laws!!!!


    • They’re also all over a bunch of vacant/abandoned/foreclosed houses, many of which look like crap.

      Possibly since nobody is there to complain or remove them, thus Nolan seems to have more support than he really does.


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