New Grocery Coming to Atlantic Highlands

TopTomato We’re getting a new Grocery Store and its walkable from Highlands.

Top Tomato is coming Spring 2014 to the CVS (old) shopping center.

Thirty-five years ago they began selling fresh produce at a Farmers Market in Queens. Today, Top Tomato has become a leading superstore providing all you need to create delicious gourmet Italian meals and superb catering for any occasion.

Top Tomato also offers an array of specialty dishes and grocery items catered to different enthnicities including, Spanish, Mexican, European and Polish.


  1. Having just walked from downtown to Quick Check, I’m going to say that this is not SAFELY walkable. That stretch of 36 where it exits onto Ocean Blvd needs a sidewalk if this is to be truly walkable. I’ll take a sidewalk on either the Quick Check or the Shadowlawn Side.

    The cars drive way too fast and there is no shoulder to walk on. The dirt/grass area is hazardous. More than a few drivers must have gotten a chuckle as I nearly tripped on my way back home. Thank goodness the damage was nothing more than a little spilled coffee.


  2. This is GREAT news! To get really fresh or interesting produce you have to drive all the way to Sickles or Dearborn. Looking forward to a more local business.

    BTW, where is the old CVS shopping center?


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