5 thoughts on “Army Corp Meeting – Public Portion Q&A

  1. Sean Christie

    Highlands is a beautiful place.  Seen from land or water it is unique to any nearby area.  A wooded mountain flowed by a tidal river beside the ocean.   The historic maritime town nestled along the waterfront.   
    A barrier separating highlands from the water will change its identity forever.  A good example is the steel bulkhead along Marine Place.  Imagine a wall three feet taller along the entire waterfront.  How will it affect property values?  How will the marinas and restaurants operate?  What will Highlands look like from land or boat?  
    Elevating structures is the most proven tactic for flood prone areas.  Seawalls and levees can fail and have much greater aesthetic and environmental impacts. 
    The storm sewer problem needs to be addressed. But the proposed seawall is too aggressive and will leave a permanent scar in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.


    1. rockemsockem

      I agree about the beauty but it all means nothing if we cease to exist. The homes that were built higher down south where eye hit were knocked off their foundations for blocks and blocks inland. If we get hit with the eye of a strong hurricane the same will happen. Look at Union Beach and they were not in eye, we were just lucky to have some protection of Sandy Hook. We need some protection from surges with sea levels rising. I’m not saying perfect but we can’t just ignore.


  2. barbara iannucci

    Let’s get right to the point. You should also poll the question:: Are you for Eminent Domain? barbara


  3. NoLongerNew

    It’s very difficult to answer this question when then ACOE had no answers for us. I won’t pick a side until we are given a clearer picture of the impact on the private owners and their access to the water.


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