How to VOTE YES, for the Non-Partisan Government in the Highlands Election in November

hulogoIf you are a registered user you received a Official Election Sample Ballot in the mail.  It goes over what the voting booth in Highlands will look like, who is running (Except for the write in candidates, those will need to press the button next to the “Write In” under the Personal Choice column (Way Right) and type in your personal choice if you do not want one of the “named candidates.”

Under the Public Questions to be voted on, you will notice a “Municipal Public Question“, It will state:

“Shall the charter of the Borough of Highlands governed by Small Municipality Plan B be amended, as permitted under that plan, to provide for the holding of regular (i.e. nonpartisan) municipal elections in May?”  – With a Yes/No check box to the right of it.

NonpartisanWhat this means is, Highlands will switch to a Non-Partisan government and the Republican/Democrat titles will no longer be relevant.  The party heads will no longer gets to choose who gets to run in Highlands, we the residents do. It will also push the “municipal elections” to May.

If you want to learn more about the Non-Partisan movement, there will be a Q & A at Waterwitch Coffee Oct 30 @ 7pm


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