11 thoughts on “Special Highlands Borough Council Meeting Thursdsay at PTAK

  1. NoLongerNew

    Wow. What a wonderful topic to speculate about!

    Can’t wait to see if it’s a reschedule of the 10/16 meeting or if they’re going to try to push something through.


  2. Joe Killeen

    Just last week people were commenting and speculating on the canceled council meeting. Wondering what and wo was conspiring to short change the voters of hide something.This week same people are speculating, negatively, what the rescheduled meeting will bring forth. The old damn if you do, damn if you don’t rubric.


    1. Jen

      Well, Joe, part of that is due to the giant hissyfit that the mayor had when a resident asked him to possibly move a meeting so that it wouldn’t fall on a Jewish holiday. When the mayor yelled at the resident that the schedule had been in effect all year, and that objections could and should have been made beforehand, and that they COULD NOT POSSIBLY CHANGE THAT MEETING.

      Yet, lo and behold, they can cancel this one because there isn’t a quorum? A quorum of the same people that have known when these meetings are since they were scheduled in January? They could magically cram in the “emergency” meeting the night before a holiday weekend, and now find time in their busy schedules (too busy to have a public debate for mayor, mind you) to reschedule this meeting?

      It’s partly that attitude and partly the fact that they could just tell us WHY they had to cancel the original one. There needs to be a sense of accountability and, yes, transparency, to the residents. It gets a little tiring to be jerked around all the time.


    2. rockemsockem

      Maybe, once again, if they communicated clearly to residents instead of having to watch everything they do, there would be no speculation as to motives? Like Council meeting cancelled due to scheduling conflicts or Council meeting from 10/16 rescheduled for 10/24 same agenda. Not very hard….oh right they don’t need to explain anything to residents…ooops my bad:)


    3. NoLongerNew

      No, not damned if you do, damned if you don’t. They didn’t reschedule last week’s meeting. A meeting that as Jen pointed out, has been on the schedule since said schedule was approved at the 1/1/13 meeting. A schedule that has been the first and third Wednesday of the month for as long as I’ve lived in town.

      I understand unexpected things come up that MUST be attended to. But to have the majority of the council all have emergency situations? I guess it could happen. So they cancelled the meeting. They didn’t reschedule it. Now we have a new meeting, no draft agenda, and therefore we don’t know why this meeting is being held.

      After the July 3rd shenanigans I hope you would understand the attitude of the residents. A last minute meeting scheduled the night before a long holiday weekend to introduce an ordinance that could have waited a couple more weeks. No one seems to find it odd that the one council member that never supported the zoning change also happened to be out of town on July 3rd. Yup…just a coincidence.


  3. duncan mccleod

    OK WTF??
    Whats with the “mystery meeting”??
    Not only is it a special meeting, but soooooooooooooo special there is no announced agenda! Wow!

    I have to totally agree with Jen. The reason people have the attitudes they do, negative as it may be, is because no one trusts this council. And why? The reasons are endless, but to name just a few, constant lip service, failure to address or resolve the most basic of issues, ie code enforcement, apparently impotent to shut down even illegal businesses operating without a license, ie Capt. Cove Marina., and haphazard handling of post sandy town issues, while houses are falling down, but most be immediately demolished! Why?

    People dont trust this council and mayor because there is plently not to trust! This last second meeting should be damn interesting!


    1. dougcard4highlands

      Everything you are saying is true Duncan . FYI I went to the free VFW seminar about house lifting. It was stated by Gabriel – from a 4th generation house lifting company – that without question he would have been able to save the home. So why did we demo so fast? No one was at risk once the safety zone was taped off. If demo was needed why did we the town do it, pay for it? I believe over $40,000++. Yes we will get it back, but why do we need to chase town money that can be used to demo homes that have been walked away from


  4. What do I think?

    Right, Doug why was the demo done so fast? Why did the town pay for it? Does anyone have any answers?


    1. PrayingMantis

      They took that completely down and didn’t even leave the foundation. The removal of the foundation couldn’t have been a public safety issue. The two houses next to it had such minor damage how could they have been a public hazard? I imagine that the town will spend a hefty chunk of change in court over this.


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