Highlands Abandoned Homes

#1 Sea Drift

SeaDrifthouse3  This was abandoned before Sandy, and there used to be a door.

#2 Miller Street


This was nominated by someone on their way to work. Note the broken window & BIG x on the front door.

# 3 Jackson

This one isn’t as scary as the first two, its one of the little bungalows on Jackson, but front door is broken and weeds are a mess.


  1. Sea Drift actually had another part attached to it. Someone pulled that off and threw up some siding to cover the hole. The back door has been wide open lately — I wonder if someone is squatting in there.

    The Jackson house makes me sad. I love those adorable little bungalows. 😦


  2. Ah, someone beat me to it. I took pictures of this house when I went to vote the other day. I know its been like that for a LONG time. Its disgusting that kids in the neighborhoods are forced to walk down streets that look like this.


  3. Who owns them?? If the owner is willing to lease with option to buy, I will come down and repair the home and make it livable and lovely once again!
    P. Bettis


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