Creative NJ meeting in HIGHLANDS WED..

Ok, this is very last minute but..

Creative NJ is meeting Wed at the Bay Ave. Bakery and cafe. The Bakery is located at 111 Bay ave., directly across from the Cumberland Farms. Parking is on the street or in the lot next door.

 For those of you who are unfamiliar with the work Creative NJ has done here is a link to a story about our CreativeMonmouth convening:  and here is another link to a short overview of the Open Space methodology:

Here is a proposed agenda, but feel free to email me and additions or changes :

10:00am — 11:30am


I.  Welcome


II.  Discussion:  The Recovery in Highlands Thus Far


III.  Introduction to Creative New Jersey’s process


IV. Discussion:  Creative Highlands


V.  Next Steps


VI.  Adjournment


  1. Did anyone get to go? I did not know about this prior, but would be very interested in what they may be doing.


    • Notes from Bob Ward:
      There was a meeting yesterday between members of the Highlands Community (Bob Ward from Highlands United, Lois Bajor from Highlands Arts Council, Councilman Francy’s wife – I forgot her name, Doug Card and Barbara) and Pam Mervin & Elizabeth Murphy from Creative New Jersey. The discussion centered around how Creative NJ could help the Highlands Community by facilitating and organizing a series of creative meetings designed to further the work of the FEMA Highlands Recovery Plan. The teams that created the recovery plan are scheduled to meet on Oct. 23rd to prioritize the 12 projects identified during the FEMA sponsored. The purpose of enlisting Creative NJ’s help is to keep community members actively involved in planning and implementation along with FEMA and our elected officials. Our next step will be to try and get on the Oct. 23rd meeting agenda to discuss the process and get buy-in from the Highlands Recovery Plan teams to continuing their work. Below is a link that describes the work that Creative NJ does with communities.


    • Doug and I went and it was VERY POSITIVE. Check out the links on the post from Highlands Blog and you’ll get a good idea of the concept. This will bring the vision into action steps. Elizabeth Murphy (the woman in the video for Creative New Jersey) said 2 key phrases that hit home for their mission of “empowering cross-sector partnerships” and “community engagement “. Those phrases were: “Grass Tops vs. Grass Roots” and “Usual Suspects vs. Unusual Suspects” – all in an open space forum for creative collaboration for Creative Highlands. It is exciting.


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