Hurricane Affected States Banning Together in NFIP Rates Suit

The state of Florida plans to file a brief in support of a lawsuit filed Sept. 26 by the Mississippi Insurance Department seeking an injunction that would delay flood insurance rate hikes that went into effect Oct. 1.

A hearing on the lawsuit in federal court in Gulfport, Miss. is scheduled for Oct. 28.

“This unfair rate hike could devastate Florida’s real estate market and homeowners,” FL Governor Scott said. Ultimately, the buck stops with the POTUS and that’s why we continue to ask him to get his agency – FEMA – to undo this unfair insurance rate hike on Florida families.”

South Carolina is considering joining the lawsuit, as well as Louisiana.

Mike Chaney (Mississippi insurance commissioner) said the rate hikes proposed under the Biggert-Waters Act “are excessive and will affect millions of homeowners not only in Mississippi and Florida, but all across the nation. Our states are united in attempting to bring reason and common sense to the NFIP reforms.”

Hey Gov Christie, are you onboard? The Jersey Shore could use some relief from this stuff too.


  1. Hope this does not confuse the issue of NIFP, but I wanted to post this article for those interested. Fair Share Housing Center, an advocacy group filed suit (In Mercer County) to obtain information explaining state policies in awarding DCA grants, particularly RREM. Some interesting Highlands data is contained in the article.


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