1. Where’s the “all of the above” option? 🙂

    I am also worried I will be denied the HMG. There are so many exclusions. I found out today that my application is “in review”, but I could still be denied later on in the process.


  2. Please tell me that the town picking the contractor is just a horrible false rumor. They can’t even do inspections correctly.


  3. Based upon the current state of the inadequately funded, hopelessly convoluted RREM & HMGP programs, this is simply not gonna happen for moderate income homeowners like me. Ditto for ICC awards which require significant expenditures for permits and engineering studies BEFORE a claim can even be considered by the insurance company. Even if monies were available, would be impossible to scale the bureaucratic walls which have been erected here.

    As difficult as this past year has been, I’ve found that it has only become moreso as I have attempted navigate this Alice-in-Wonderland-pretzel-logic landscape. I’m throwing in the towel. Wake me when it’s over.


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