1. I like this tour. I get to see homes I normally wouldn’t. And if 5th Street has looked like that for 7 years I can’t imagine what it looks like inside a year after Sandy.


  2. Looking at the house on Sea Drift and Cheerful made me realize that poor Cheerful Street is not so cheerful these days, especially the south side.

    1. The house in the tour. It has been de-sheetrocked, but that’s about it. Sometimes the padlock is open, and there are ways in for cats and other wildlife.

    2. Barberie and Cheerful, behind house #1. Foreclosure. Maintained but empty.

    3. Barberie and Cheerful, across from house #2. Rental, cleaned out and de-sheetrocked by volunteers. I have heard foreclosure, but one of the zoning board members claimed ownership in last week’s meeting.

    4. Washington and Cheerful, behind house #3. Rental. I don’t think anything at all was done to this one — lots of condensation on the inside of the windows that all have shades down. Owned by one of our Sanford and Son landlords, if my sources are correct. Took forever to mow the lawn. Big dead tree in backyard just waiting to fall over.

    5. Washington and Cheerful, across from the lovely junkyard at the end of Captain’s Cove Marina. Rental. Not sure on status, but yard is maintained.

    Both houses on Huddy/Cheerful are occupied, I believe, though there’s a POD thing in the back yard of the one on the west side. The one on the east side was raised way before the storm.

    6. Waterwitch and Cheerful. Abandoned. May be foreclosure. Looks like it was de-sheetrocked, but still belongings inside and in back yard. Crawl space wide open to wildlife. Yard was recently cleared, and the box truck that had been parked here since Sandy is now finally gone.

    A caveat here that my knowledge of cleaning out is based on the time I spent here in November cleaning out my house and seeing what was going on. I may have missed things, as I was back and forth over the next 8 months before I got back in.

    I’ll have to check that last block later today — It’s not part of the usual route. I am sad that the cute little yellow craftsman on the northeast side of Snug Harber and Cheeful got torn down. That was one of my favorites in town.


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