FREE House Raising Seminar at VFW

When:  Tuesday, October 15th @ 7pm

Where: VFW Hall 331 Bay Ave Highlands, NJ

Lifting a house is a very complicated process which includes 12 separate steps, each of which is critical in a successful lift.  Atlantis Restoration, Expert Lifting & RC Burdick Engineering will be speaking and answering questions on the process of House Lifting.

Topics include:

  • Grants & coordination of the entire lift process
  • Survey & Engineering Requirements
  • Site & Home Preparation
  • The actual Lift
  • Masonry & Pilings –
  • Finishing Stages/Punch lists

Free sandwiches will be served. This is meant to be an informational seminar, you don’t have to sign up for anything or pay for any information.


  1. This sounds really useful (certainly it’ll help more than that useless mobile cabinet last night, where my grant status was “I don’t know”…thanks, ReNJ!)


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