Jersey Shore Gives Back Advertises Operation Hope toll-free hotline

jersey shore gives backJersey Shore Gives Back was posting about the Operation Hope toll-free hotline 888-388-HOPE (4673) to receive the free disaster financial recovery information to give people options to the “We Buy Stinky Houses” people. (Anybody that went to Oktoberfest on Saturday might have noticed their sign on Bay Ave).

Through a coalition of public and private sector support, including Allstate, the American Red Cross, CoreLogic, Ares, FEMA, JPMorgan Chase among others, Project Restore HOPE: Hurricane Sandy will provide long-term financial recovery information, guidance and empowerment services to small businesses, families and individuals devastated by the Superstorm.

The effort offers the following financial guidance and assistance:
Disaster Recovery Budget Guidance

Financial Case Management and Counseling

Insurance Claim Assistance

Government and Private Agency Referrals

Lost Document Recovery Assistance

Grant and Loan Application Assistance

Assistance Working with Creditors


  1. I’ve spoken with many people who are still left hanging, with no action or aid to date, from all the grants and applications they”ve already submitted. Do you think if they contacted Jersey Shore Gives Back and the Monmouth County Long Term Recovery Group that maybe those agencies could intercede on their behalf and expedite the process?

    Also … Thank you for the picture. It shows a Doug Card sign that is no longer there. Could the person or persons that removed the signs along Bay Ave please quietly return them to 28 Shrewsbury? No questions asked. These were paid for out of pocket and not by any political affiliation – and I need them back. Thanks!


    • this was posted under the recovery meeting topic last month. I see grants are given to business all the time. Didn’t they have insurance?It would seem home owners are the last ones on the list!

      @ John- Only about 25% of the people who applied for the RREM grants (the $150k one) received an acceptance letter. However, per Stop FEMA Now, $0 have been paid out of that grant program thus far, and it apparently wasn’t a lottery like initially advertised. I actually called the state on Thursday to ask when the grant applications for the HMG (the $30k one) are being processed, as my flood insurance renews May 31 and I need to be up by then or face a massive increase I might not be able to pay. The worker I spoke with told me there’s no ETA as to when these grant applications will be looked at; it could be months before anyone hears anything. As the state ignored repeated requests for information to be made public about the grant programs and how/why only some people got approved (something the public is entitled to legally as it’s public information), there is a lawsuit filed against them now over it.


    • Barbara – if they were on telephone poles (like the one in the picture) they may have been removed by the town.

      e. It shall be unlawful for any person to place any advertisement upon or across any public property such as sidewalks, hydrant, lamp post, tree, telephone, telegraph, or electric light pole or fence in any public street or place.


    • There were other signs on the pole before I put that one up on Saturday at lunchtime. I wanted one nearby because of Octoberfest. I went back this morning to take mine down and it was gone – yet the others were not removed. The other 2 on Bay ave that were taken were on private property with permission from the owner. It is what it is.


    • DPW would have taken down all the signs – not just yours.. If it feels like you were specifically targeted, its because you were.. Pretty sad state when grown ups can’t behave like grown ups.


    • PM – would you know if there is an ordinance with respect to putting signs on bank owned properties?


    • Sounds to me some people might be taking them down cause they are worried? I mentioned before because I know you don’t have party line money if you put up a downloadable PDF that people could print and put inside their windows. That’s what people do in NYC to support their candidates cause not many lawns:). Businesses could also display them in their windows without being stolen. Along with printing out and copy to use as flyers to hand out. Just cost saving measure idea but will def pick a few up on wed. to put on our lawn along with others I know that might want one. Just to confirm Meet & Greet’s are still scheduled below:
      There are 2 Meet-and-Greets scheduled for residents who want to learn more about him – and hear what he has to offer to make Highlands a better place to live. The first one is Wednesday October 9th at the Waterwitch Coffee Shop at 6pm. The second one is Wednesday October 16th at he Bay Avenue Bakery at 3pm.


    • No, I’ve seen some Becky signs that were laid down on the ground. I did not touch them as I did not know where they should have been but the other signs were left alone.


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