Tresspass Scam Going on In Highlands

Chief Blewett in last night’s Council Meeting indicated there have been several instances of “Tresspassing” on homes being worked on whereas people are coming in and saying they are working for a 3rd party in charge of maintenance of the homes and changing the locks.  So residences were coming back to their homes and finding new locks on the homes and not able to have access. The police are not sure why this is happening, but you have any information or this happens to you please contact the police immediately (732) 872-1158.

~ My take: there are so many homes people have walked away from & the banks maintenance people are using GPS and not looking at Street signs so they’re putting locks on the wrong houses.


  1. I’ve noticed that a lot of houses don’t have visible numbers on them. That might be part of it too.

    Barberie (or Barbarie, depending on what you read) is missing many of its street signs. They took down the one at Bay and also the one at Cheerful. Not sure if the Recreation and Marine ones are still there though.

    None of the other streets are missing theirs. Curious, but also annoying when trying to give contractors directions.


  2. During the four years I’ve been in Highlands, I’ve received numerous utility shutdown notices, meant for the house with the same number on the cross-street. So I agree this might just be people who aren’t familiar with the streets.


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